Top 10 Email Marketing Strategies


When you have proven email marketing strategies at the ready, your nurture sequences, automated marketing, and CRM become equal parts seamless and successful.

Since we love you, dear reader, we’ve compiled our top 10 email marketing strategies that will dramatically improve your communication, nurturing, and sales.

Use the following techniques to turn your ideal leads into brand loyalists. Dig in!

1. How to Create a 6-Month Automated Content Marketing Plan

An automated content marketing plan will make your work life 99% easier. If that sounds like a good idea, keep reading.

Imagine no longer chasing leads, getting behind on your marketing, or worrying about finding quality prospects.

Imagine creating a profitable marketing sequence that’s truly hands-off, where you can make money while you sleep and grow your company instead of working in it.

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2. [Case Study] Automated Marketing Funnel Increased E-Commerce Sales by 50%

When it comes to creating successful sales funnels, there are several variables to consider.

From writing video sales letter scripts to crafting educational email nurture sequences, our professional copywriting team discovered one fact…

To create robust marketing funnels that drive fence-sitters to the conversion point, you have to start with a comprehensive blueprint.

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3. Simple Blueprint for Your Successful Sales Funnel

A successful sales funnel…oh, how on Earth do you build your masterpiece?

Generating greater audience engagement requires that you take your audience on a journey with you. There are many nuts and bolts to consider as you create your conversion-ready sales funnel.

Lucky for you, our professional copywriting team will simplify the process for creating a sales funnel that hits all your targets.

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4. One Simple Strategy to Deepen Customer Relationships

Nurture sequences deepen customer relationships. If you’ve been in digital marketing for more than a week, that statement is a no-brainer.

The problem with nurture sequences: it takes a thorough email marketing strategy to establish and build a rapport with your people.

Think of your pre- and post-purchase email campaigns like a dating scenario. You wouldn’t marry someone you met for coffee one time. Successful nurture sequences stretch far beyond the “handshake phase” of your customer relationships.

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5. Content Strategy for Nurture Sequences: 5 Tips for Keeping It Fresh

Writing and implementing an effective email nurture sequence is a key part of any content marketing strategy. But in order to keep your list engaged, it’s essential to avoid repeating yourself over and over.

Keeping your email content fresh also helps your list see you as an expert in your field and learn to know, like, and trust you.

Here are five proven strategies for creating fresh, compelling content throughout your email nurture sequences:

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6. B2C Post-Purchase Sequences: How to Nurture Product Buyers

With a 2-second Google search, marketers and business owners will find a cornucopia of post-purchase sequence guidelines. That is, as long as you run a B2B business. On the other hand, e-commerce and product-based businesses are left out.

Our professional copywriters have written quite a few B2C post-purchase sequences, and it’s high time someone outlined what works and what doesn’t.

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7. How to Nurture Prospective Buyers on Your List

Unfortunately, nurturing prospective buyers is a do or don’t situation.

And when a business neglects nurture sequence implementation, the results are unfavorable to say the least.

The complaints keep coming in from customers and clients about the following worst practices of online nurturing:

#1 You visit a website and like their message.

#2 You notice they’re offering a free report / download in exchange for your contact info. 

#3 You give them your contact info.

#4 You get your report / download

#5 *crickets*

#6 You get a series of super-salesy emails telling you to buy their stuff.

While many businesses have the first part right, they fail when it comes to following up.

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8. 14 Email Marketing Strategies for Success

Email marketing is here to stay. In fact 73% of online businesses claim email marketing as their chief mode of communication.

While email marketing is central to most businesses, it’s not inherently successful.

That’s why we’ve collected our 14 best email marketing strategies.

First, we need to give a short background on WHY you should listen to our email marketing strategies.

This professional copywriting blog has come a long way since 2009—we’ve evolved in the wake of technological and industry shifts.

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9. No More Late Nights: Automate Your Way to a More Productive Day

Between interacting with clients, closing sales, generating new leads, and creating marketing campaigns, the daily demands of running a business can be downright tiring—especially for a small business owner.

Thanks to Infusionsoft though, productivity has never been easier, with automated systems in place to streamline these intricate and time-consuming processes.

These are just some of the ways this dynamic software has freed up more hours in our workday, leaving us more time to focus on the bigger picture (like taking care of our clients and dreaming up new ways to grow our business!).

**Full disclosure: Not only are we raving fans of Infusionsoft, but we are also Certified Consultants.

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10. PSA on Strategic Content Marketing: Variety Converts

When it comes to implementing strategic content marketing that converts, please don’t pound your audience over the head with a deluge of identical material.

Our copywriters have seen the bad results that come from delivering uniform content over and over again.

The audience gets bored.

The email marketing list unsubscribes in hordes.

The products and services don’t sell, no matter how good they are.

Luckily, there’s a very simple solution.

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