Top 10 Copywriting Tips

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We fancy ourselves masters of all things content marketing. From inbound marketing funnels to email nurture sequences to and content strategy—we love it all.

There is one thing, however, that we cherish above all else as our first love, our numero uno…

Copywriting. It’s our foundation. Our copy is what the rest is built upon.

That’s why we wanted to circle back to our roots and revisit our top 10 favorite Copy Doodle posts guaranteed to help you craft better copy for your marketing.

Post #1: 5 Copywriting Exercises That Make You a Marketing Ninja

Copywriting exercises do more than make your brain synapses fire with good, creative ideas—they make the whole marketing process easier and more effective.

That’s why we’ve developed 5 copywriting exercises that help you get the most response and create the highest conversions on sales letters, web pages, and marketing emails. Think of it as a litmus test to measure the power of your marketing copy.

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Post #2: Does Your Website Copy Answer These Four Questions?

Answering the “four why” questions is the shortest and simplest way to persuasively communicate with prospective customers because it ensures you cover all possible objections. As you will see, each why question includes specific elements of a transaction – be it a financial exchange or an exchange of information.

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Post #3: How to Write Headlines for Any Market

Before we get into headlines, let’s talk about competition for a moment. It’s important to note competition is a good thing because it means there’s demand in the market. It’s easier to tap into an already existing desire than to create a new demand. You can create new desire for something new, but it takes more effort and relies on how well you educate your market.

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Post #4: 8 Rules for Copywriting

Before penning Slaughterhouse-Five and Cat’s Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut was a professional copywriter. Working as an advertising copywriter, Mr. Vonnegut used his creative background to create product descriptions. When I read his novels, it feels as if the copywriting spark never left him. As a teacher, Vonnegut gave his students 8 rules for creative writing that will also set the foundation for killer marketing copy.

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Post #5: Why DIY Copywriting Backfires

DIY copywriting. It’s a very bad, no-good idea. Look at this way: you wouldn’t perform your own dental work with a hand mirror and pliers. And you wouldn’t fix a burst pipe with duct tape. We’ve brought websites with DIY copywriting back to life, so it’s important to deliver this public service announcement…Just say no to DIY copywriting.

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Post #6: 5 Pillars of Copywriting that Converts

Effective copywriting strategies boil down to two elements. Does the content promote a reaction from the intended target audience? While getting a reaction (instead of a shoulder shrug) is paramount in good copywriting, it’s only half of the equation. The second part of impactful content is whether or not you produce copywriting that converts.

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Post #7: 3 Conversion-Ready Copy Tips

Conversion-ready copy is the bait that turns a prospect into a customer. When your audience clicks off your site, it may not be your service or product they’re rejecting, but rather your copy. Ineffective copy may be to blame for lost conversions—not your service or product. To get your copy ready, you should ensure that it demonstrates empathy, relevance, and conciseness.

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Post #8: 5 Copywriting Killers and How to Beat Them

Copywriting is the voice of your business. As the make-or-break factor in your customer attraction and sales, copywriting can feel like an overwhelming task. And when the copywriting process becomes needlessly difficult, business owners often end up with an ineffective website, landing page, or email nurture sequence. Dismal results stem from 5 factors that hinder your copywriting.

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Post #9: Copywriting Tips: Product Storytelling

Compelling and conversion-ready copywriting provides a narrative that captivates interest, informs, and persuades. Stories are fundamental to how we communicate, and that’s especially true for businesses. But what if you sell physical products? How do you fuse stories into your product copywriting? The first step is to take your message far beyond product descriptions.

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Post #10: Copywriting Strategies: Soap Opera Marketing

For decades, soap operas have captured the attention—and lunch breaks—of viewers everywhere. From catfights and scandals to weddings and love stories, soap operas’ never-ending stories capture their audiences and always leave them at the edge of their seats, waiting impatiently for what’s to come in the next episode. You, too, can leave your audience at the edge of their seats with your copywriting, leaving your prospects interested and hungry for more.

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