The Evolution of a Brand Message: A Picture Story

The seed is planted into the ground = An idea is born

You have the desire to create a business. So, you take the plunge and begin the process of growing your business. Just as a seed, you start out small and it can be a struggle to break through the surface of the soil. The rain doesn’t come, the clouds fall across the sun, and it’s difficult to begin the process. But what the seed can’t see is that the sun is already there. It’s hiding behind the clouds. And, the rain is already there, it’s inside the clouds.

When you first plant the seeds to begin your business, the clients may not seem to be there and cash flow may be tight. But what you don’t know is everything is already there, you just have to find where it is. In other words, maybe your target audience isn’t where you think they are. Maybe you’re not approaching the right target audience. Maybe your brand message is lacking in your marketing copy and you’re copy doesn’t illustrate how your business will fulfill a need your target audience has.

When you begin to get clear on your brand message and understand how it influences your target audience, you will begin to see positive changes. When you begin to integrate this brand message in everything you do across the Internet, whether it’s on Facebook, your blog, another person’s blog, or a bookmarking site, you will begin to attract more clients, increase online presence, and your business will begin to grow.

Seasons shift = Markets shift

What facilitated the growth of the seed into a plant has now changed. The summer has turned to winter and the plant must survive with the shift.

Similar to the seed, the market has shifted this year. And not just once–several times. In order for your business to survive, you must observe what’s going on with you target market, listen to the conversations happening online, and work to accommodate for this market shift. Customers needs might have changed, which is why it’s important to understand their needs and find a way to fulfill these needs. What customers were once coming to you for, they may not be coming to you for anymore. Understand their needs and find a way to fulfill these needs. Your brand message should reflect this market shift and communicate with your target audience in a new way.

A drought occurs = Avoid burnt out

Just like a plant, when a drought occurs, you struggle to thrive when you begin to burn out. The key is not to burn out. When you know the strategies to implement in order to increase productivity and decrease the time you spend working on certain tasks. And don’t forget to take breaks and be strategic.

Spring comes = Your business is reborn

You have refined your brand message after discovering what exactly you provide for your target audience. You are more efficient with time you spend on certain tasks and your brand message finally sings on all your marketing copy.

You become too big for your pot.

You are moved to Tahiti to forever thrive!

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