The About Page: Your Key to Clients

The About page—that elusive beast. It’s the single page on a website that people most struggle to perfect…

And it’s the most glaring page to fumble.

Before prospects buy, they want to know who they’re doing business with. They turn to your About page to learn why they should choose your company over your competitors. If your About Page does what it’s supposed to do—that is, humanize your company and inspire trust—you are closer to converting them.

But if your About page is devoid of personality, a jumble of industry jargon, or the content equivalent of crickets chirping, you run the risk of turning away prospects.

How does your About page stack up? Check out our criteria for—and examples of—About Pages that convert:

Get the point across. First and foremost, an About page has to get a point across. The goal is to tell the visitor who you are by showing them what you can do for them or have done for others. Whether you use video or text, it should be short, sweet, and tell viewers how to work with your company. You don’t want to lecture your prospects, but you also don’t want to leave them guessing.

When we wrote David Neagle’s About page, we highlighted his expertise without using industry jargon and showed the viewer what he has to offer. Plus, the video gives a fuller impression of David’s personality and experience as an Income Acceleration Mentor.

Tell your story. A great About page should give the visitor a look at why your company came to be. We’re hardwired to connect with stories, so the best way to keep your prospects engaged is to tell them your story.

Style With Lee’s About page shares how she became a style consultant, tracing her journey from the 4-H Stylish Stitchers club to where she is today. Even if you’ve never met Lee Heyward before, once you finish reading her About page and scrolling through her photos, you have a complete impression of who she is and what her business values.

Showcase your brand personality and company culture. Your About Page is your chance to show prospects more sides of your company. Take the opportunity to introduce the team that makes your company tick and the quirks that make your business personable and likeable.

Family Tree Tours does a nice job of adding the humanizing details about their team that prospects can relate to and connect with. Their page shares charming tidbits such as the team’s favorite pastimes and nicknames. Its this kind of identifying information that sticks with prospects and helps them remember you when it comes time to purchase.

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