Spice Up Your About Us Page and Intrigue Prospects

Have you ever stumbled across an exciting and engaging About Us page on a website? If so, you have experienced a rare encounter!

Whenever I am looking to make a large purchase from a company, I usually visit their website to gain some perspective on the brand and the people behind the brand. And most of the websites that I come across have an About Us page that makes me want to fall asleep. Is your website guilty of inducing sleep? If so, you’re not alone.

Here are 3 ways to enhance your About Us page and boost conversions, while informing readers about your company:

1. Use Multimedia: One of the best ways to engage your audience and build a connection with them is through multimedia. I suggest using pictures and video on your About Us page to allow site visitors to associate a face and voice with your brand.

Just take a look at the stats. According to an article published in January 2011 on eMarketer.com, Forbes Insights surveyed a large group of U.S. executives in October 2010 regarding online video. “Nearly 60% of all respondents said they would watch video before reading text on the same webpage, and 22% said they generally liked watching video more than reading text for reviewing business information.” The study also found that “three-quarters of all executives said they watched work-related videos on business websites at least once a week, and more than half did the same on YouTube.”

Your About Us page is often the page where you make your first impression on readers. Don’t bore them with loads of dense web copy. Express your personality through multimedia, while informing prospects about your business through both the written word and video. A warm and welcoming face can be just the thing to encourage prospects to contact you.

See below for an example, taken from our website About Us page, on how to effectively utilize multimedia on an About Us page:

2. Use Bulleted Lists or a Q & A format: Most About Us pages are long and contain large paragraphs. We usually skim over these for keywords and phrases that catch our eye. So if most people are skimming your About Us page anyways, why not save them the trouble by bulleting facts about your business, or utilizing a written interview or video Q & A on your page.

One of my favorite types of About Us pages are the ones that contain video interviews with the business owner or are written in interview format. Writing your page in interview-style enables you to explore some creativity and easily transition into each segment or topic.

3. Add Social Media Icons: Build an even deeper connection with prospects by allowing them to interact with you on their favorite social media platforms. When you send readers to your social media profiles, you can further share your brand message and connect with them on a more personal level by publishing messages and posts in real time. This fresh content allows users to feel as though they are interacting with an individual, as opposed to just getting information about your brand from a website that lacks socializing capabilities.

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