Your Authentic Self Matters Most: An Interview with Speaking Expert Rochelle Togo-Figa

After surviving breast cancer, Rochelle Togo-Figa turned her journey of recovery into a positive life-altering experience that transformed her forever. Rochelle left the corporate world to pursue her passion of helping entrepreneurs follow their own dreams and goals. She took the lessons she learned that turned her life around and together with her 24 years of corporate experience, created a thriving coaching and training business. She combines her life-transforming experience with her speaking expertise showing audiences how to go beyond what’s predictable to achieve breakthrough results in their businesses and lives.

Rochelle is truly an inspiration for our team. I was happy to be a special guest at her awesome webinar last night, which provided insight and steps to people who want to host a live event.

In this exclusive Sumer interview, Rochelle gives us more tips for overcoming your speaking fears, how to develop your Signature Talk, and details on her upcoming special event, Find Your Magnificence Day.

You help people become great speakers. What’s the one thing you think that holds entrepreneurs back from becoming the speaker they are meant to be? 

The one thing I think that holds entrepreneurs back from becoming the speakers they are meant to be is their fear.  Their fear of failing keeps them playing small and not taking risks.  I’ve taught hundreds of entrepreneurs how to overcome their fear.  Once they distinguish the fear and move through it, they’re feeling more confident, more at ease and empowered to follow their dream of speaking.

What exercises or tips can people do before a speaking engagement that will help them overcome fears? 

A tip people can do before a speaking engagement that will help them overcome fear is to arrive at the speaking engagement early to meet and introduce yourself to the people as they arrive.  This will help you calm those speaking jitters and feel related to some of the people in the audience when you start speaking.

What inspired you to become a speaking coach? Share your story with us. 

I can remember as a little girl standing in front of my relatives singing. I didn’t have a very good voice but that didn’t matter. What mattered most was seeing them smile as I sang and the applause I received. That was the first taste of the thrill of being in front of a group.  However, as I grew older, I became fearful about speaking, made excuses for not taking action, and pushed my dream aside. All that changed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. During that time, I realized how precious life is and the importance of making every minute count. I knew deep in my heart I really wanted to help people gain their power to create and live extraordinary lives. Today I lead seminars showing people how to be powerful in their lives and workshops to teach people how to speak with confidence to groups.

You’ve said that sales hinge on the message you deliver. How do you help your clients develop and deliver a message that resonates?

How I help my clients develop and a deliver a message that resonates with the audience is by first showing them how to identify and clarify their life purpose.  Their purpose is their message and is usually connected to an event that impacted them earlier in life.  I show them how to take their message and turn it into their compelling story—a story they can share with people.  I then show them how to create their “signature” talk.  Once they create their Signature Talk, they can deliver it over and over again.

Tell us a bit about your upcoming event, Find Your Magnificence Day.

I am so excited about the upcoming Find Your Magnificence Day I’m leading on September 20th in Charlotte, NC!  After teaching hundreds of people how to speak with confidence to any size group, I realized what was needed most was teaching people how to speak authentically from the heart.  I believe what matters most when speaking to groups is being your authentic self.  I’ve created a special day where people will discover who they really are. A day where they will find their voice — a voice that is free, fully self-expressed, and powerful.

They will discover their true magnificence — their true authentic self. This special day is for those ready to discover their authentic voice and power in the world.  They will leave the day with clarity of what their message is and what their life is for. I will create a sacred space where they will feel supported, guided, and encouraged to step into their true magnificence and inspired to take their message to the world!

And, to make this day even more special I’m holding it at the beautiful and historic Duke Mansion.  This is the perfect place to host this event.

About Rochelle Togo-Figa

Rochelle Togo-Figa is a Business Coach, Trainer, and Motivational Speaker with 20+ years in the corporate world as a top producer, and 17 years as a coach, trainer, and speaker. Her area of expertise is teaching people how to speak with confidence. Rochelle works with business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, authors and professionals who are eager to attract more clients through learning to speak professionally. She teaches them speaking strategies that propel their businesses to the next level.

Rochelle is the creator of The Speak Like a Pro and Make Money Doing It Self-Study Program, a complete blueprint covering every possible step you need to become a successful and highly sought-after speaker.

She is the co-author of the Amazon Top 100 best-selling book Succeeding in Spite of Everything.

She has coached and trained for a variety of Fortune 500 companies including American Express, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, Met Life, Philip Morris, Crain’s Business Publications, American Media, Magazine Publishers Association, Hachette Filipacchi Magazines, Diversified Investment Advisors, CB Richard Ellis R.E., C.R. Bard, Union State Bank, Estee Lauder and more.

She has been featured in Business Coaching articles that have appeared in the New York Times, The Westchester Journal News, and Business Woman Magazine. Rochelle has also been the featured speaker for the Office Depot Speaker Series, Execunet Speaker Series, V2K Décor Webinar Series, Grace McNamara Design Webinar Series, and interviewed on national radio.

To learn more about Rochelle and her coaching, please visit her website or contact her at [email protected].