Repurpose Your Speaking Engagements in 5 Steps

When you speak at a live event or business conference, you share your tactical expertise with a captivated audience.

In the days after your speaking engagement, you may have a train of sales coming through.

Then it’s all over.

If you’ve ever wanted to go past the stage and reach an audience beyond live event attendees…

This blog reveals how you can leverage your speaking engagement for months to come.

You can easily use your live event presentation as a carrot for marketing emails, lead magnets, nurture email campaigns, and supplemental blog content…

Check out the info below for 5 steps to easily repurpose your speaking engagements.

Step 1: Preservation

Important: record your talk.

That should go without saying, but we’ll never know how many brilliant presentations have been delivered and lost through the years.

If you’re lucky enough to speak at a major conference, there is likely professional recording equipment. If not, you’ll need to supply the camera and microphone recorders.

For the sake of proper preservation, steer clear of amateur videos shot with iPhones.

Once you have your video recording, the best practice is to break up portions of your speech into bite-sized segments.

If you have an overarching subject, you can whittle down your speech into elements.

So, if your talk centered on 3 ways to increase audience engagement, break up the presentation to focus on each of the 3 talking points.

Step 2: Create the opt-in

When you have the clips ready, offer them to prospects as a download in exchange for their information.

We recommend offering a video series.

To get people into your marketing funnel through repurposed live event footage, it all begins with a captivating pain point and head-turning headline.

In the examples below, you’ll see this technique in action.

Notice how there is a struggle that is followed by benefits—an excellent example of the agitate and solve marketing technique.

Source: Healify Your Life

Step 3: Deploy the video

There is so much more to do than simply deliver your video content.

When you send the live event video, consider dripping each clip over time. Doing this enables you to nurture your prospects in a more meaningful way.

For example, you can add commentary and supplemental advice that coincides with each video clip.

In the example below, you’ll see an email that invites the recipient to watch a video; however, there is more at work here.

Notice how the content preps the audience to hear the subject matter and delivers more valuable information.

After you deliver all the videos over a preset time, deploy additional nurture emails that deliver more value.

Throw in some free goodies and nuggets of wisdom, so that you solidify an ongoing relationship with your prospects.

Step 4: Develop the offer

Make the pitch when you’ve proven your expertise through your live event presentation.

You can begin making your offer sooner rather than later, as prospects are most likely to buy directly after they’ve engaged with you.

As you develop the pitch, ensure that you create an offer that…

  • Coincides with the repurposed marketing content you’ve sent.
  • Offers an impactful solution.
  • Provides transformational benefits.
  • Leverages storytelling to outline the solutions.

Step 5: Go outside the nurture sequence

After your sales funnel has run its course, you still have the live event presentation to repurpose as you wish…

So hang on to those videos, as you can use them to reinforce your point in many other pieces of content marketing.

Consider using live event video to…

  • Reinforce your point in blog articles.
  • Keep traffic engaged on website pages.
  • Create external links within lead magnets.
  • Engage prospects on sales pages.

The possibilities are endless.

If you have a live event video you’re not sure what to do with, contact professional copywriters who can make your content count.

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