Post-Holiday Marketing Tips

Holiday marketing has potential to generate major profits in the fourth quarter. After you’ve set up your holiday-centric nurture sequences, offers, and discounts, you’ll feel as if you need to take the proverbial foot off the gas.

Bad idea.

While much of the world may be cash-strapped after a holiday spendathon, that doesn’t mean your prospects and customers want to stop hearing from you.

For this reason, it’s important to begin your post-holiday marketing plans now. If you’re at a loss, not to worry.

Keep reading to gain actionable marketing techniques that are perfect for late December and January marketing.

Understand where your audience is.

It’s always important to remember your prospects’ disposition, regardless of what time of year it is.

No matter your industry, there’s a solid chance that your people are tired from family get-togethers and gift exchanges.

Given this stress, shouldn’t you hold back?


But you shouldn’t storm their inboxes with any old offer.

If you’ve communicated with a captivated audience for long, you’ve offered tips and tricks that, in some way or another, make life easier.

Even if your work is in the B2B arena, you still have valuable insight that creates easier circumstances amid the post-holiday chaos.

Here are a handful of ideas for specific industries:

  • B2B Industries: Write a series of emails that help business owners navigate holiday returns or prepare for the first quarter.
  • eCommerce Industries: If you sell gifts, you may feel out of luck, but really, you’re not. Try a special discount on items that didn’t fly off the shelf during the Holidays.
  • Personal Growth and Coaching Industries: After the Holidays, many people find themselves in a mode where they question everything. Now is the time to offer helpful advice.

[Side note: if you run a product-based business, and you have accessories in your catalogue, use the “would you like fries with that?” technique in post-holiday marketing.]

Go for Content Marketing, Not Direct Sales. 

Digital marketing best practices dictate that your marketing content must offer value in order to be effective. That means taking a content marketing approach, instead of asking for sales directly.

To meet this goal, your post-holiday marketing will be more impactful if it’s centered on relevant and actionable content.

The anatomy of relevant and high-converting content includes these elements:

  • The content matters to the audience. Content marketing, when it’s effective, tackles subject matter that impacts the readers’ day-to-day life.
  • The content offers value. There needs to be a takeaway. When the audience walks away with a tool or skill, it provides helpful fodder that fosters conversions.
  • The content simplifies a complicated issue. Life is too complicated, and effective leaders make things easier. Your post-holiday content marketing will make a mark if it makes something more effortless.

Reach Out to Prospects Who Abandoned the Shopping Cart.

Specifically for product-based industries, the abandoned cart scenario is not as much of a disappointment as it is an opportunity.

According to a recent article from HubSpot, 75% of would-be buyers don’t click finish the check-out process.

With the ever-growing staple of online shopping—especially during the Holidays—you’ll have at least a few who get to the conversion point and turn back.

That means you’ve got to reel them back in after the Holidays end.

To rack up those post-Holiday sales, write emails that…

  • Remind prospects of the awesome selections they made and include a photo.
  • Walk prospects through the process of buying.
  • Include social proof from those who’ve purchased the product.
  • Offer a discount for completing the order.

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