4 Ways to Break Up Copy on a Web Page

*photo screenshot of photographer Jochem Gugelot’s website: https://www.jochemgugelot.nl/ Have you ever seen a web page that was a solid chunk of copy? There were no breaks and nothing to attract the eye, so it was not only boring, but also difficult to read. Not what you want for your website. You want ...Read More
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3 Tricks for a Killer Video Sales Letter

Filmmaker Ingmar Bergman once said: “I write scripts to serve as skeletons awaiting the flesh and sinew of images.” Bergman meant that words are the foundation for his product. Even though we don’t make movies, the copywriting business hinges on the words that bring products and services to life. When it comes ...Read More

Tell It Straight: 3 Strategies to Say What You Mean

Recently, I assigned my copywriting team a little homework. Specifically, I asked them to think of new methods to express our clients’ messages in the clearest way possible. In other words, I wanted them to learn how to write in plain talk. That’s why I bought everyone a copy of Dr. Rudolph ...Read More
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3 Copywriting Lessons from Netflix’s Orange is the New Black

Netflix has done it again. The online streaming company has delivered big time with their new original series, Orange is the New Black. After I blogged about the results Netflix’s data collection produced, I couldn’t wait to see what they’d do next. Because this content is not offered through its competitors, Netflix ...Read More
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The Big Cheese: An Interview with SEO Expert Fred Sexton

Fred Sexton a.k.a. “The Big Cheese” has been a prolific designer of creative and cutting-edge websites and internet marketing campaigns for years. With this talent and burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit, Fred opened Steinbeck-inspired Mouse and Man, an online marketing company in 2003 (although he has admittedly been caught in the web forever). Boasting ...Read More

What Commercial Icons Can Teach You About Copywriting

For approximately every 20 minutes of television content, there are three minutes of commercials. It may seem like only a small sliver of time, but business owners know that they have thirty seconds or less to grab a customer’s attention and sell them on a product. And not only are they challenged ...Read More
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The Seven SEO Sins

Everybody scrambles to get their SEO strategy moving. But are they making mistakes that slow them down? In order to rank high in search engines and become present to customers, websites need to employ SEO-rich content. This is essential to ensure that the website is among the top two or three when ...Read More

The Art of the Sales Funnel

“Sales funnel.” Sounds simple, right? If you attended a business class, you probably became familiar with that little cone image. (Or maybe you fell asleep during that business class because let’s face it: discussing sales funnels can be boring.) But a smart sales funnel design on your website is crucial. It’s more ...Read More

When, Where and Why to Put Video on Your Website

Videos add engaging content and can yield better opt-ins than block text on a website. They speak to visual learners, harness the cross-promotion of YouTube, break up the monotony of site design, and simply offer a personal touch. However, you should resist putting videos on your website just for the sake of ...Read More
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Top 5 Copy Tips to Make Your Blog a Success

What would happen if, one day, you woke up and found yourself the awesome owner of fantastic blogs like FirePole Marketing, Problogger or Copyblogger combined? If you’re thinking there is no chance that this is even possible, we have good news for you. With these tips, there is a chance—a BIG chance, ...Read More