Love Thy Followers: How to Build a Loyal Social Media Tribe

As our world drowns in information, and shameless product and event promotion fills Twitter feeds everywhere, there’s something special about building a strong, thoughtful social media presence on the Internet that cuts through the noise and stands out among the rest. What’s even more powerful is creating a community of followers that ...Read More

Today’s Message: Thanks!

Our team is set to head out for a much needed Thanksgiving break. Before we inevitably fall into food-induced comas, our copywriting team wants to share our gratitude. If we listed everything we’re grateful for, this blog might take you until New Year’s Day to read. Though this is an abridged list, here ...Read More

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Web Copy Stand Out

You want every possible edge over your competitors, but do you overlook the obvious? Your web copy needs to be stellar and stand out in the sea of similar businesses. Fortunately, getting that edge is easy—here’s how. Tell a compelling story. Or three. If you look at your competitors’ copy, you’re going ...Read More

5 Tips to Increase Your Earned Media

Do you know the difference between earned media and paid media? Paid media is just what it says: advertising and media that you paid for. When someone takes it upon themselves to share, distribute, tweet, or email your stuff, then it’s earned media. Social media sites and blogging have expanded earned media ...Read More

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Great Branding NOW

We are so happy to feature Nora Richardson, branding expert from Spot On Branding, with an awesome guest post this week! Read on to find out why you need branding and how it’s crucial for your business to get clear on branding and messaging now. Have you heard the buzz about branding? ...Read More

The ABCs of Web Copywriting, Part One

We have so many web copywriting tips and ideas for you that it’s time to organize a few of them in one place. Here are the ABCs of copywriting, and if you can master all 26 of these tips, your web copy will compel and excite your clients to buy. A: Always ...Read More
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Copywriting Strategies: Surf the Waves of Marketing

Warning: many puns ahead. Funny how effective copywriting strategies are like surfing. As a small business owner, you want to ride fast waves, glide to the top, keep up your momentum, and steer clear of wipeouts. You’re in luck, because we’ve got some copywriting strategies that help you hang ten on clean ...Read More

Content Creation Strategies for the Mobile World

Despite the growing BYOD trend (Bring Your Own Device) and the increase in mobile purchasing, many businesses are slow to catch on and adapt with content creation strategies that cater to smartphone and tablet users. That means business owners need mobile-specific content. Pronto. “But customers land on my website primarily on desk- ...Read More

Content Strategies: How to Mold Your Message with Metrics

If only we all could implement new content strategies with full awareness of how prospects view and react to our material. Brace yourself–you can create new content strategies with revealing data and analytics that shows you exactly that. In fact, the latest metrics techniques give you incredibly valuable information that sets the framework ...Read More
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Infographic: Copywriting Tips

It’s a hard pill to swallow: visitors spend an average of 2 minutes with your website content…if you’re lucky. Not to worry. With these copywriting tips, those 120 short seconds will be more than enough time. If you want a visitor to make a decision within a 2-minute window, your web copy ...Read More