Organic SEO Techniques for Local Businesses


When it comes to organic SEO techniques for local businesses, it’s important to know that search engines don’t automatically rank your website based on location.

You might be thinking: how could this be true?

After all, when you Google cheeseburger, you get a list of corresponding restaurants within a certain radius. That’s because local SEO adds a geographic element to your search.

While Google geo-locates searchers based on IP addresses, that does not mean that local search strategies are null. Far from it.

Local business websites rank higher when you implement the following search-friendly techniques.

Implement web page optimization.

In title tags, meta descriptions, headings, and on-page keywords, make sure to mention your specific city.  In doing so, you will supply relevant content to people seeking out your business. Your IP address location is one thing, relevance to the audience is another. Google rewards that.

Does your website have a local listing?

Google calls their local listings “Google Places for Business.” In creating your local listing, you essentially tell Google that your website exists, so don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Even social media profiles count. 

It’s as if Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook have formed together to form one giant local SEO conglomerate. When you mention your location on your various social media profiles, you send a signal to Google about your location.

Not to mention, reviews that appear on your social media also add to your search engine scorecard.

Always be consistent. 

Do you use the same address on your social media platforms and your social media profiles? And what about your business’ name—does it always appear the same way?

Google gets angry when you don’t stay consistent, so be sure to remain uniform in how you present the details.

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