Why Niche Audiences Get Bored with Marketing Content

This one goes out to the niche business owners out there. You have a business that caters to a very targeted market.

The marketing content you provide for your audience focuses on one very specific element…

Something along the lines of how to get your Burmese Python to perform party tricks. Or perhaps you help software analysts on how to speak nontechnical language to clients.

The point: your marketing content is majorly whittled down.

And it’s getting stale fast.

Enough is enough.

You’ve created marketing content around the same subject 349,554,3904 times.

But here’s the deal: even if you work with the most targeted niche in existence, you can still add new elements to your marketing content message.

You need a little variety in your content marketing—not only for you, but also for your peeps. When it comes to customer engagement, content diversification spells success.

Trust me: your niche is sexy enough for new marketing content; you have to know where to find it.

Pay attention to current events that affect your market.

Successful content is relevant.

When I say “current events,” I don’t mean controversy. Take a look at what’s going on, and you’ll find a way to relate to your audience. Remember, relevance equals engagement.

Here’s a great example: The Dogington Post.

This website is niche. Very niche.

It’s not only for dog owners; it’s for dog owners who are always looking to improve their dogs’ wellbeing and happiness. From dog food recalls to lifesaving canine stories, this website has niche content, relevant content, and diversified content…

And most of it spawns from current events.

Have you tried case studies yet?

When you create human-interest case studies, your audience will see themselves as the main character of your marketing content.

The thing is, each of your clients will have unique pain points, and no solution is cookie-cutter. With that information, write a case study about a project you worked on. When doing so, add those nitty-gritty details.

Boom, new content.

You’re not bored anymore, and neither is your audience.

Grind the Pain

It’s a cliché, but it’s true: you don’t sell products; you sell solutions. That old adage is especially pertinent for niche business owners. When you’ve been creating content for a while, it’s easy to forget the pain element of copywriting.

When you work up a new email marketing sequence, landing page, or website, really shine the spotlight on the pain. Be visceral, be honest, and be real. Get into the specifics of why something sucks, and how your solutions will alleviate the problem.

Let a Professional Copywriter Handle It

Sometimes you’re going to get bored no matter what you do. The thing is, you don’t want your marketing list to share your dread.

When content repetition gives you the grumpies, call in a professional copywriter.

You’ll be amazed at what a fresh set of eyes will do for your marketing content.

Got the Boring Content Blues?

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