Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools


If you’re running your business and creating marketing content without using the following resources, here’s a public service announcement…

Stop what you’re doing and keep reading to see how you can use these digital marketing resources to increase your conversion rate, streamline email marketing, and grow online.


Ah, the granddaddy of all email marketing tools. What would we do without it?

From robust sales funnels to short broadcast emails, Infusionsoft is our go-to tool that streamlines communication with leads and existing customers.

In fact, we’ve converted more than a few of our happy clients to the Infusionsoft platform.

Yes, we’re a tad biased—as Infusionsoft-certified consultants, we help small business owners/digital marketers use this powerful tool to generate leads, nurture prospects, and make more sales.

But with good reason.

Here is a handful of our favorite Infusionsoft features and benefits:

  • It’s easy to communicate with your audience and segment them based on user behavior, buying history, and individual needs.
  • If you need fast marketing data for any reason, it’s push-button easy to pull a report.
  • Infusionsoft vastly improves lead generation, and helps you attract only the qualified prospects who benefit from your marketing communication.

Check out Infusionsoft here.


Click Funnels

What’s not to love about a simple tool that simplifies the process of setting up a sales funnel? In fact Click Funnels doesn’t only make the setup process easier—it also streamlines sales funnel profitability.

Click Funnels has a track record of helping entrepreneurs win at digital marketing. (Think we’re kidding? See the image below.)



We use Click Funnels to help our clients set up attractive and conversion-ready landing pages, upsell pages, video web pages, and opt-in pages. If you’re ready to streamline your sales funnel…

Check out Click Funnels here.



We’ve worked with our fair share of eCommerce businesses. From product descriptions to website copy, we’ve worked on several projects for entrepreneurs in this space…

And we’ve seen what these entrepreneurs have to contend with.

Whether it’s the hassle of inventory control or dealing with multiple storefronts, a business owner who sells products online has more than enough roles to fulfill.

Simply put, there isn’t much time for all that.

That’s why we believe so strongly in Ecomdash, an inventory and order management software that is affordable, saves time, and helps you streamline your business.

Our favorite features Ecomdash offers include the following:

  • You can automate web-based inventory, orders, and shipping, so the “grunt work” becomes hands-off.
  • You gain a helicopter view of your sales across several storefronts—from your website to major online retailers such as Amazon and eBay.
  • While the automation and monitoring tools are cool, they don’t compare with the end result, which is ensuring customer satisfaction. (Specifically, Ecomdash ensures shipments arrive on time.)

If you are in eCommerce, take five minutes to check out Ecomdash and streamline your business.



Imagine if you knew…

  • Where your customers stop reading your content.
  • What prospects want to see on your website and sales pages.
  • Where marketing content induces a yawn-worthy response.
  • Which marketing content makes the sale.
  • How to make subtle changes that will increase your conversion rate exponentially.

This is what CrazyEgg enables. Check out their website for more information.



We are not affiliated with CrazyEgg, but we love the tool so much, we’ve written about it, used it to help clients, and recommended it to several people we speak with.

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Parker Web

Full disclosure: when our team was sponsoring an event (and away from our desks), our website got hacked.

We didn’t panic. We called Parker Web, who put on their tights and capes and fixed the issue within an hour. (Half of that was a metaphor—the other half, very true.)

It’s not only hacking and malicious attacks that Parker Web handles.

Website bugs, slow script changes, faulty plug-ins, and 404 pages are all preventable. The problem is, too many companies don’t have the support needed to maintain their sites.

Enter Parker Web.

Click here for more information about their service offerings.


Wicked Reports

As the brilliant headline on the Wicked Reports websites states:



We love Wicked Reports, and we think you will, too.

Here’s how it works:

#1 Wicked Reports pulls data from your ad networks, website, landing pages, email marketing, and CRM.

#2 They apply over 10,000 lines of database logic to track sales revenue to specific clicks, ads, audiences, campaigns, and emails.

#3 Then these guys translate all this data into simple marketing reports that allow you to make data-driven decisions about your business and make more money.

Check out Wicked Reports here and start making decisions from your metrics.


Easy Webinar

Hosting online events is a proven way to establish a rapport with your target audience, leverage your expertise, and introduce new services and products.

The caveat: without proven webinar tools to streamline the process, it’s a huge pain.

In comes Easy Webinar, which works for any WordPress website and allows you to pre-record or live host online trainings.

One of our favorite parts has to be the elegant landing page templates, which are optimized for a superior user experience.

Learn more here.

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