Memorable Digital Marketing for an Anti-Advertising World

Memorable digital marketing is a staple of American culture.

From the Coca Cola Polar Bears to the Busch’s Beans Talking Dog, audiences love marketing—whether or not they realize it.

If you need a refresher, watch this video and take a stroll down memory lane.

A large chunk of the population watches the Super Bowl solely for the commercials, and it’s not uncommon to hear someone lauding the hilarious new State Farm ad over dinner.

Ditto Betty White, the unorthodox Snickers spokesperson.

With this truth comes an inevitable caveat.

Digital marketing doesn’t always have the same resonance with audiences.

If you poll any focus group about online marketing content, you’ll hear about a litany of obnoxious pop-up ads, automatic videos, and skipped YouTube ads.

The typical Internet surfer is so anti-advertising that AdBlock is one of the most downloaded apps for Google Chrome.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

If you’re looking to increase your digital marketing ROI and establish a dominant online presence, you’ve landed on the right blog.

So how are digital marketers supposed to captivate instead of deflect their audiences? Keep reading.

Digital Marketing Is Valuable

As much as we’d love to have Betty White espouse the glory of our professional copywriting services, that idea goes against the core of successful digital marketing.

(Seriously, Betty, if you’re reading, give us a call at 843-377-4916.)

The difference between traditional and digital marketing is the former praises a product or service, while the latter provides sustainable value.

To clarify, top-performing online marketing content gives the audience a tool, resource, or otherwise valuable information.

Spliced within the valuable content is information about your products and services.

Long story short, you have to give something before you get something.

Find the Ideal Subject Matter. 

If you’re going to deliver value, and use your digital marketing to make an impact in your prospects’ lives, know that subject matter is paramount.

If you’re creating relevant, timely, and benefits-driven content, you’ll deliver more actionable value that pulls the curtain back on your expertise.

As more and more prospects learn about your status as an industry leader, you’ll convert more prospects.

Not only that, but your content will become memorable.

This means that, for most digital marketers, content doesn’t rely on cuteness (Coca Cola’s polar bear ads) or hilarity (the Geico cavemen commercials) to be effective.

While there’s nothing wrong with using humor or creating a message, digital marketing becomes truly memorable when a prospect uses the content as a learning tool.

Your mission is to create educational content that nurtures your audience and provides value as much as it advertises.

When someone finds value in the tools and resources you deliver, that’s when digital marketing becomes memorable.

Let’s say someone uses your content as a guide to create a nurture sequence that deploys after a trade show or opt-in. Without your expertise, this person would not have as many leads or sales.

However, not all content is B2B. Note that it’s extremely important to provide your audience with information that’s specific to them.

Here are few examples of quality subjects that are educational for various industries…

  • Stain Removal (Home cleaning products).
  • Email marketing ideas (Online marketers).
  • Finding the perfect neighborhood guide (Real estate).
  • Analyzing lead behavior (Infusionsoft services).
  • Mind clarity exercises (Coaching industries).
  • Information on the next Penguin update (SEO companies). 

Once you have a list of subjects, it’s imperative to find the right venues to deliver the content.

There are a variety of options to leverage your expertise, from blogs and marketing emails to infographics and video series. 

Offer a Results-Driven Lead Magnet.

A quality lead magnet enables you to create memorable marketing that captures prospects’ attention and builds a relationship that leads to recurring sales.

To establish this relationship and keep prospects returning to your website and sales pages, your lead magnet must be memorable.

Here are some basic and important qualifiers for profitable and resonant lead magnets.

  1. Your lead magnet must be quick to digest—lead magnets are only effective when the audience uses the tools, tricks, and resources offered within, so if you deliver a 10,000-page manual, you won’t gain traction.
  1. Solid lead magnets are action-driven—lead magnets need to provide a tool/skillset or useful information that your audience can apply. (Think checklists.)
  1. Successful lead magnets promote noticeable improvement—any consumer continues to buy products and services if they work effectively. Your lead magnet will become successful if it shows real results.
  1. Top-performance lead magnets are free and no strings attached. To generate interested leads and create memorable marketing, never hesitate to give away free and valuable material.
  1. Audience-friendly lead magnets are relevant. If you understand your target market, and you have a quality subject matter, then you’ll have no trouble creating relevant content.
  1. Lead magnets are delivered instantly. On average, the digital audience does not like waiting, so send over the lead magnet automatically after opt-in.

If you follow those 6 principles, you’ll ensure that your lead magnet resonates with the audience. 

Implement Frequent Updates and Keep the Good Stuff Coming.

The difference between off and online marketing is that print media, billboards, and television commercials are one and done.

Digital marketing, if it’s effective, happens again and again.

With this in mind, you can either deploy marketing that rehashes the same messaging, or you can update your content, so that the value you deliver remains consistent and relevant.

In order to make your marketing memorable, update your material and keep delivering value to your prospects.

In order to accomplish this task, consider the following campaigns.

  • A white paper that reveals compelling data and actionable advice. Ex: How 40% of marketers are missing out on nurture sequence conversions.
  • A case study that showcases how your business solved a particularly tricky situation. Ex: How your business increased revenue by 65% in 4 weeks.
  • A video that teaches the audience how to do something impactful. Ex: How to write the perfect sales page.
  • A guide that outlines the steps to create or accomplish something. Ex: How to make Stromboli in 3 simple steps.

Our suggestion: send content in the form of surprise gifts.

When you keep the good stuff coming, you’ll remain top of mind and increase conversion rates.

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