Lukewarm Traffic: Go from Maybe to Yes

traffic on the interstate

Lukewarm traffic—they’re a wily bunch.

You already know traffic is important to the success of your website. Without traffic, you have no leads. Without leads, no sales. But all traffic isn’t the same—and understanding this is imperative to successfully buying traffic and converting quality leads into paying customers.

We’ll start with cold traffic. Cold traffic doesn’t know you. You only have a small window of time to impress this group. A well-designed website and stand out copy goes a long way with this group. The goal here remains familiarization and their commitment to come back to your site.

Hot traffic loves you and knows you. They generally support you and already buy your products or services. Let’s consider our work here more or less done.

There is a space in between hot and cold for your website’s traffic—the space where real opportunity for higher conversions lies—lukewarm traffic.

Lukewarm traffic presents special problems.

On one hand, you successfully familiarized your brand and service / product offerings to these visitors. They know who you are. This major hurdle is over.

However, if the fish aren’t biting, there are action steps that turn lukewarm traffic to white hot, conversion-ready customers.


1. Become a Private Investigator

Become a private investigator, so that you can re-evaluate and tweak your website content for optimal performance. The solution lies in trying to find out what isn’t working with your website’s content. If you have a lot of lukewarm traffic that doesn’t get off the fence, something is definitely NOT working.

Review your calls to action. Are they clear, action-driven, and obviously clickable? If lukewarm traffic doesn’t click your buy buttons, contact form, or other links, then the copy needs re-engineering.

Are your images clearly stock photos and un-engaging? Images must perform a function; otherwise, they simply take up space and distract from the overall function of your website. Ask yourself about the feelings you want your website to produce. Do you want to instill a sense of community? What about fun? Let the images do part of the legwork with respect to user experience.

 2. Put on Your Lab Coat

Data is to your website as gasoline is to a car. Without data, you don’t have a compass to direct you—this is especially paramount in studying the behavior of lukewarm traffic.

Let’s say you design an add specifically for your “maybe customers.” Once traffic explores your website, monitor their behavior via heatmaps. You’ll see where they click, what they read, and which parts get ignored.

Data collection and analysis gives you a clear indication of action steps. It’s hard to go wrong when the right answer sits right in front of you.

 3. Call in the Professionals

If you’ve investigated your traffic with an objective eye and experimented with different approaches for your content, it might be time to call in the pros. This free guide  offers some great tips for ensuring quality content that converts. However, this is just a start.

An experienced copywriting agency knows how to test these factors and provide an accurate analysis.

Contact us today about turning your lukewarm traffic into customers.

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