Is It Time to Revamp Your Website?

Whether or not to revamp your website is a huge decision that determines the future of your business. (No pressure.)

As you weigh the pros and cons of new website content, navigation, and overall appearance and branding, you may begin to question what will come of the overhaul.

What will happen with your future clients?

What will happen to your profitability?

What will your new messaging convey to the world?

Since website overhauls are so time-consuming (but rewarding) for your business, your favorite copywriters have decided to write a 3-part blog series that reveals whether or not a revamp is in your future.

Welcome to Part 1!

Keep reading to discover whether or not it’s time to populate your website with updated messaging and content that converts.

As you make the Great Website Redo decision, think about your audience first.

Specifically, think about how your audience has evolved since your last website update.

Your audience will inevitably change. As your target market gains access to new technologies, eco
nomic policies, and social reconstructions, the audience’s needs will evolve in tandem.

Even corporate giants such as McDonalds have adapted to changes in public opinion and disposition.

With the rise of obesity-related diseases and exposés that document the fast food industry, McDonalds needed to revamp their image.

In doing so, the McDonalds executives and marketing leaders teamed up to produce healthier menu options and get active campaigns. This effort was aimed at realigning public perception.

The point: revamping your website and updating your message are paramount if you have an evolved demographic.

What spawns this customer evolution?

Think about how…

  • Technology gives people new capabilities, and thus your products and services must change in sync.
  • Industry standards impact your business. Example: if you work in catering, the rise in gluten sensitivity may prompt you to offer new options.
  • Economic changes create new demands. Especially in the B2B marketplace, the global economy makes an impact on your target market, and it’s important to update your service offerings and, often, pricing.

When our professional copywriters write website content, we often are hired after the messaging or product offerings are no longer relevant.

It could be that products are no longer made or new software causes a service to go moot.

For any number of reasons, there are many websites with irrelevant products and services that are no longer available.

If you have out-of-date solutions listed on your website, organic search traffic may think you’ve gone out of business.

Or worse, your prospects may falsely believe that you “just don’t get it.”

If you find yourself in this situation, give serious consideration to creating new website content.

If you’re not sure, then stop reading this blog, go to your website, and perform a website audit that points out where to scrub away irrelevant information.

Perhaps your website content attracts traffic, but doesn’t generate many leads. This often means that the existing content is wrong for your target market, or that your offer isn’t viable to the traffic you’ve attracted.

If you’re looking to draw in hotter leads, then update your website copy with relevant content that offers impactful value.

Consider adding the following marketing pieces to your website:

  • A lead magnet campaign that offers website traffic a downloadable and fast-action deliverable. Example: a checklist that reveals how to create an automated post-purchase nurture sequence step by step.
  • Frequently updated blogs that outline the best practices in your industry. Example: we update this blog at least twice a week.

What’s next?

If you answered the three questions we outlined above, then you have a solid idea about what your website needs.

Stay tuned for the second part of this series, which covers the successful websites we’ve launched in 2015.

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