Increase Website Conversions: 10 Action Steps

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Increase website conversions. These 3 words embody the entire mission of your online marketing endeavors.

Truth is, it’s not always a cakewalk to pinpoint the exact steps to increase website traffic, generate qualified leads, and add zeros to your profit margins.

Luckily, your website copywriting strategies  don’t have to equal throwing pasta at the wall to see if it sticks. To stop the guessing games, use these 10 action steps to increase your website conversions.

 1.    Whittle down your website copy.

How many informational tidbits does your homepage outline? If it’s more than a handful, you need a headline that encompasses every benefit and solution.

 2.   Give your marketing content a relevance test.

Relevance is the measuring stick for quality content. If the audience doesn’t care, they won’t buy. Read each word on your website, and if any part of the message doesn’t speak to your customers’ pain points, cut it out.

 3.   Use the 5-second rule.

No, I’m not talking about dropping food on the floor—I’m talking about whether or not your website traffic understands the benefits of what you do within a very limited time frame. That’s right: you have 5 (or less) seconds to hook your audience. Related: Can Your Web Copy Survive a 5-Second Scan?

 4.   Make sure your qualified leads wait for nothing.

When it comes to successful lead generation, you have to give something before you ask for the sale. That’s why instant access is your best friend, so make it a point to give away a video series, eBook, or any goodie right then and there.

5.   Take out “I” and “we.” 

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Are you writing company-centric copy or customer-centric copy? The latter produces conversions, and the former creates indifference, but how do you tell which focus your current website has? A good way to start is to look for and eliminate “I” and “we.” Want more information about audience-centric website copy?  Get instant access to our 25 Traffic and Conversion Tips.

 6.   Are you writing about product features? Cut it out.

Professional copywriters will never write a product description that highlights only the features. Instead, the best and most conversion-friendly practice is to write about the benefits and solutions of a product, not the product itself.

 7.   Make it emotional with storytelling. 

Storytelling connects your business with your audience because it’s human nature to see how problems are overcome. How do you show that to your prospects? You could tell them with a list of facts, or you could show them with storytelling that comes in the form of case studies, blogs, in-depth articles, soap opera marketing emails, etc.

 8.   Set yourself apart, but don’t forget what works.

No two businesses are identical. Your unique website copy should reflect that; however, keep in mind that there are cornerstone techniques that ramp up your conversion rate. Instant access content, relevant messaging, and readability represent only a handful of these proven website characteristics. In other words, don’t lose out on marketing staples in the interest of setting yourself apart.

 9.   Integrate diverse content.

Boredom hampers your website conversions. Your audience needs to be stimulated and engaged, so make it a point to offer multiple venues for content. Videos, blogs, and infographics all appeal to different sensibilities and give your audience a no-boredom guarantee.

10. Does your website nurture?

Tons of optimized websites engage their audiences. The problem is that the website doesn’t provide a venue for nurturing customers. Do you have an email marketing plan set up for after your website traffic floats off into cyber space? Get one. Want to know why your website doesn’t convert? Get instant access to 25 Traffic and Conversion Tips .


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