How to Increase Your Social Media Reach with Periscope

Periscope gives audiences the opportunity to, as its tagline so brilliantly puts it, “explore the world through someone else’s eyes.”

As a new venue to increase your social media reach and build a tighter community among your fans and clients, Periscope is the latest marketing trend.

The app works like this: users share their experiences in video form, and from their ocular point of view. (Yes, pretty much like wearing a camera on your head, but a little less dorky looking.)

What’s so remarkable about Periscope in terms of small business growth?

The app garners attention. According to a recent article from TechCrunch, users view enough content to equal 10 years per day, and since its launch, Periscope now houses 380 years’ worth of content.

To show you why Periscope is such a big, hairy deal, here is some math that will paint the picture.

380 years equals 3,328,800 hours, which is the duration of content uploaded into the system.

10 years equals 87,658 hours, which is the amount of content users consume in a single day.

With all those extreme numbers, it would make sense for Periscope to be the “best kept secret” in marketing trends, as if the platform has been around for years.


Periscope debuted last March, which means, in just a few short months, users have gobbled up 3,328,800 hours’ worth of content. Now that you are undergoing a true holy cow moment, it’s time to think about how the Periscope paradigm will positively impact your business.

Use Periscope to document your small business events.

Periscope provides proof of your awesomeness in video form, so leverage this new app the next time you head out to a live event.

If you attend the Internet Summit in North Carolina or head out to Digital Marketer’s next shindig, you can share your experience with colleagues, prospects, and customers via Twitter. In doing so, you share not only what you learn at the event, but also how your presence influences that event.

Ideal for event sponsorship opportunities, Periscope shows your audience that you have reach inside your niche. Give your people a video snippet that features foot traffic visiting your booth, presentations you give, and even famous marketing gurus you meet.

In other words, you can document your chat with Seth Godin (as long as Seth is cool with it).

Use Periscope to spotlight your clients’ successes. 

In content marketing, tooting your own horn is not such a great idea—at least not in a direct, braggy way. Instead, it’s a better idea to shine the spotlight on your clients—specifically, how you helped them achieve success in one way or another.

Periscope can help you do that. With the rise of video content in the digital marketing world (and on the Internet in general), Periscope enables you to share the most popular form of content quickly and effortlessly.

This counts for testimonials as well. Video testimonials showcase your customer avatar in a way that no other content form can. Your audience will see a real person, and can visualize themselves gaining similar results if they work with you.

Use Periscope’s geo-tagging feature.  

Entrepreneur Magazine recently proclaimed that Periscope’s geo-tagging feature is a “marketer’s dream.”

With good reason.

This feature allows small businesses to identify users in a certain marketplace. If you’ve ever heard our copywriters yammer on and on about the importance of list segmentation, and how the practice ensures you reach the correct audience, you know personalization is a key to conversion.

Geo-tagging takes the personalization element to new level. Instead of an email, the ideal audience receives a video snippet. If this isn’t the next phase in digital marketing, what is?

Use Periscope to showcase what you do.

Michael Port, author of Book Yourself Solid, recently shared a video of himself recording the audio version of his book. 

That’s not mundane—that shows how one entrepreneur spends his time serving his clients in a profound way…

And that’s something your clients want to see.

So the next time you’re working on a project, take a few minutes to share what you’re up to. This allows you to communicate what you do so that prospects understand it fully and buy your products and services.

Use Periscope to pull the curtain back. 

Showing your audience—especially your prospects—some “behind the scenes” action in your business gives them a peek at what it’s like to work with you. When your prospective clients have a look-see at the customer experience, you are more likely to close serious sales.

Here’s the perfect example of a “behind the scenes” moment filmed by Michael Port.

Whether it’s a video snapshot of you getting ready to give a talk or simply putting the finishing touches on a successful project, your audience wants to see how you work.

And more than that, they want to see the personality of the person they’re working with. Periscope enables you to do exactly that.

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