How to Create a Compelling Marketing Message

Forget about yourself! I know it seems difficult to do but, you can’t create an effective marketing message when all you talk about is your business and how great you are. Instead, think about your target audience. Your marketing message has everything to do with your target audience and how the service / product you provide benefits them in some way.

How do you know if your marketing message is too self-centered? Go to your website or other marketing platform, and look at your web copy. Then count how many times you see the words we, our, us, I, my, or me. Obviously your About Us page should have a few of these pronouns, but these words should be almost completely absent from the web copy on your other web pages.

In order to find your compelling marketing message and have an advantage over your competition, you need to shift the focus from your business to the customer. Tell your customer what benefits they receive from purchasing from you. The way you do this is to identify your customer’s pain and focus on how your product / service relieves that pain.

The same applies for interacting with clients in person, in an email, via phone, or on social media. When you want to make a connection with your customers, you must express a unique marketing message in all that you do. In turn, you’ll convert more prospects into paying customers.

Once you are able to implement this focal shift from your business to the customer, you’ll begin to naturally integrate your compelling marketing message into all that you do.

Below are a few tips to help you project a powerful marketing message:

1. Don’t be so serious. In other words, don’t water down your passion and personality. The most successful businesses have personality and passion that shine through all of their marketing materials. When you are authentic and express your personality and passion equally in all that you do, your marketing message will remain consistent and work around the clock for your business.

2. Do share your unique story. You might be saying, “But I thought you said not to talk about yourself!” You’re right; I did say that. But the difference between talking about your business products and talking about your story is that a story has an interwoven thread throughout that connects your customers with your brand. When written effectively, your brand story has the ability to express your unique marketing message and engage customers.

Your brand story must present a complication to prospects that relates to their desires and frustrations, and provide a remedy to the situation, all while expressing your brand personality. It sounds tricky, I know. This is where many businesses fail to connect with customers. Their brand story isn’t portrayed effectively.

Are you in need of revamping your marketing message?

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