How to Easily Write Ecommerce Product Listings That Convert

If you run an ecommerce store, you have hundreds of things to think about. For example, keeping your products stocked and ready to ship, planning next month’s promotions, and maintaining great customer service.

While those are all important, there is one thing you must do to run a successful ecommerce store. It’s so obvious that it feels a little funny saying it. But I’ll say it anyway: selling products. That’s your principle responsibility.

If you don’t sell products, you won’t make money, and you will have to shut down your domain.

We don’t want that to happen, so here’s what we’re going to do. In this post, you’ll get some copywriting tips for how to improve your product descriptions. Ready?

Writing Ecommerce Product Titles

Your product title is the first thing people read. I say read—not see—because visuals are more appealing to the eye than text. But after your audience sees your product’s picture, they will read your title to confirm it’s the thing they are looking for.

There’s also something that happens before your title gets read. This one thing is the main reason why you want to have a good use of keywords in your title. When you use the right keywords in your product title, Google will recognize them, and direct traffic toward your page.

Easier said than done, I know.

The problem is there are literally hundreds of thousands of ecommerce sites out there. Each site likely has products similar to yours. It’s a competitive environment. The way to make sure you rank well? Use only the highest-ranking keywords in your ecommerce product title.

How do you figure this out? You have to stop thinking like a seller, and start thinking like a consumer. Instead of making up words, look up what people search for with the Google AdWords tool.

Spending just 15 minutes in this tool shows you all of the words related to your product. You can then use what words you find in the tool in your title.

Writing Ecommerce Product Bullets

As a copywriter, I love writing bullet points. I’m not sure there is a copywriter out there who doesn’t like bullets. Maybe there is. All I know is I love writing them because bullets are quick and powerful.

There are many formulas out there for writing bullets. If you have generic bullets—or even worse, none at all—then following our suggestions below will likely improve your conversions overnight (assuming you have a steady flow of traffic).

The first thing you want to consider is each feature of your product. Dedicate each bullet to a feature, but expand on the feature with a benefit or advantage (or both). In other words, add what a customer can do with the product’s feature, like this:

  •  [FEATURE] lets you [BENEFIT], so you can [DO SOMETHING AWESOME].

Be careful not to add too much to the bullets, or else they’ll end up looking like product descriptions. The purpose of a checklist is to create a scannable overview of the product, so the viewer can decide if it’s what she’s looking for.

Writing Ecommerce Product Descriptions

Here’s where everything comes together. If your audience has read your title and your bullets, they’ll end up reading your product description before buying (if they haven’t purchased already).

While you could use product storytelling, you may not want to spend too much time thinking—and writing—a story for every one of your products. Writing stories might just not be your thing. So instead of spending a lot of time and energy with your product descriptions, re-use what you’ve already done with your title in bullets.

  1. Take the list of keywords you used in your product title. Be sure to include them all in your product description. There’s no need to repeat them more than once—in fact, try to avoid doing so.
  2.  Rewrite and expand on your bullets. Go through each one of your bullets (that have features, benefits, and advantages) and add to what you already wrote. You have more room in your description, so you can do a better job of painting the picture.
  3.  Add a call to action. Adding a simple phrase to the end of your description makes all the difference. Giving people a final “reason why” they should buy at the close turns a dull product description into a lively sales-generating paragraph. You could do something like “Act now and save XX%” or “Limited availability—buy now before we sell out!”.

If You Need Further Help

We’ve only scratched the surface here with writing ecommerce product descriptions. This post gave general information that WILL improve your ecommerce product listings. Feel free to implement these tips and let us know about the results you get.

Should you desire more help, we can ask questions and dive deeper into your target market. Contact us, and ask about our history with ecommerce companies, so you can get professional help and start making more ecommerce sales.

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