A Call for Risk-Taking

It feels so easy to play it safe.

When you follow the rulebook and write with a manual on your lap, you stay in a comfort zone. But that’s not what compelling copywriting is all about.

Unless you take a few risks, you get stuck in a pattern of rinse-and-repeat messaging. That brand of template copywriting produces mostly one reaction.

And that reaction is bleh, followed soon after with a yawn.

When it comes to sales-ready and shareable copywriting, success means breaking the mold with risk-taking and innovation.

We’ve got a soft spot for risk takers; we even dabble in it ourselves. It’s about time to toss out the rulebook, and get started on trailblazing content that expresses your message in an authentic way.

Look no further than these 5 copywriting tips.

Learn from a Child’s Work Habits

Here’s a subtitle: when you write copy, don’t stay inside the lines.

If you ever find yourself without inspiration, simply take a gander at a child’s artwork. Kids care a whole lot more about creativity and innovation than they do coloring inside the lines.

Perhaps your nephew drew a giant blue duck with fangs, or your daughter colored a cat purple. (How cute!)

We suggest you hang these kinds of pieces next to your desk.

Those drawings or coloring book pages may be off-the-wall, but there’s nothing boring about them. That kind of risky art generates reaction.

Why is it so important that your copy makes heads turn? In the small business world, there’s nothing more devastating than indifference.

So where does this unresponsiveness come from?

Your prospects feel apathy if your copy is templated. When your copy stays inside the lines, you create more yawns than conversions.

Think of your creativity as part of your natural constitution. We all have something unique to offer; we simply need to express it on the page.

Don’t Fear Failure

More often than not, business owners feel reluctant to take risks for one reason. We fear failure.

Hey, that fear is only natural.

We’re constantly instructed to err on the side of caution. When it comes to risky, intelligent, and completely original content, caution is the enemy.

Ditch the fear of failure, and you’ll tap into a different kind of freedom. Think of failure as an opportunity for improvement, and you’ll begin to create copy that draws people to your business in droves.

The alternative is to plod through your work. Truth is, if you feel uninspired about your own copywriting, your prospects will follow suit.

At its core, risky copy exemplifies expression. Without that, the copy will inform but not persuade.

In a nutshell, don’t sweat it about potential failure. Even if a project needs a little fine-tuning, it’s better to have a miraculous flop than a yawn-worthy success.

Be Your Passionate Self

In 2006, Time Magazine declared their Person of the Year as you! (Congrats to all of us on the achievement.)

Of course, the editors expanded on their unusual choice with the rise of YouTube and personal content. But the cover remains relevant to risk-taking.


Content worth sharing is passionate. In translation, that means your copy must showcase your passion.

The idea of being excited about your business isn’t new. Really, it’s borderline cliché. After all, you wouldn’t have started a business if you didn’t love what you do.

So why is personality and passion still so crucial for copywriting?

While you may be passionate, your copy needs to convey the same level of enthusiasm. In other words, your readers need to feel the same excitement that you do.

Make sure your emotions leap off the screen. This tactic is risky, but it grabs attention and creates new customers.

Pinpoint What Blocks Your Creativity

Before you work on your strengths, figure out your weaknesses.

We all have something that drains the creativity well. It could be personal and family commitments, general stress, or even your computer screen.

After you identify creativity killers, counter them with things that stimulate your work. Turn on some music, dance around, or take a brisk walk–it doesn’t matter.

Whatever gets you away from the computer screen–and out of your creative slump–fuels you up for some unprecedented work.

There’s No Template

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Not with copywriting anyway.

To open the path toward a risk taker message, stop looking for the right answer. While you search for a copywriting template, you might as well find Bigfoot, too.

Repeat after me: there is no template.

It’s a vicious cycle. So often people become frustrated when they can’t pinpoint an exact answer. This kind of thinking hinders creativity, because there’s no one right way to create copy.

We get stuck in a pattern of mental blocks that lead to boring messages. And taking risks is the straight-shot path to breaking the imaginary template.

Take risks with your message, not your results. Check out our copywriting services!



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