Copywriting Strategies for Artisan Businesses

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of how artist entrepreneurs can improve conversions in their website copy, social media marketing, and email nurture sequences, it’s important to first define what constitutes an artisan business.

We’re not talking about gluing popsicle sticks together here.

We’ve worked with our fair share of artist entrepreneurs—from soy candle makers and chefs to photographers and home furnishing designers. Our artisan clients “make things”—unique and beautiful pieces that reach a receptive and loyal audience.

If you’re at the point where you want to expand your artisan business, we have some copywriting strategies that are sure to help. Check them out below.

Don’t Forget to Spell Out the Experience of Your Product or Service

Writing impactful content for this marketplace means not only showcasing product features, but also painting the experience. This cornerstone is especially pertinent for artisan businesses.

No one buys a painting—they buy a conversation piece. The same goes for custom-designed office furniture—no business owner purchases a desk chair; instead, they want an elegant piece that increases employee productivity and impresses clients.

As an example, here is a snippet of product copy we produced for an up-and-coming entrepreneur in the aromatherapy market. Notice how the copy describes not only the way the candle smells, but also the atmosphere it creates.

Our Spiced Orange soy candle will fill your home with the invigorating fragrances of fresh citrus, ginger, and bold spices. Seconds after you light this handmade soy candle, you’ll experience its spicy, inviting fragrances. Whether you’re reminiscing about the first falling leaves of autumn, or you’re warming your home before a holiday gathering, this soy candle creates a cozy atmosphere your friends and family will love.

Showcase the Craftsmanship

When you highlight the craftsmanship and attention to detail of your products and services, you remove yourself from businesses that use an assembly line approach to production.

How many people do you know who hate the idea of something that was handcrafted or specifically designed? We suspect there aren’t many people who’d prefer a mass-marketed product to one that was made with the human touch.

For this reason, it’s important to express the level of care that goes into your creative process.

In this way, you show how everything you create reflects your commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Call it the “blood, sweat, and tears” technique, but chances are that your target market will love the fact that something was made just for them.

It’s important to know your customer avatar very well as you add this element into your marketing content. (See the next section for more information about your customer avatar.)

As an example of highlighting personalization and craftsmanship, here is a sample of copy we created for a catering company who specializes in artisanal fare. Notice how the content expresses that each catering job reflects the client’s hopes and specifications.

Bliss Catering understands that no two couples are alike, so each and every wedding we cater is created expressly to our clients’ style and tastes. Though we love green weddings with nature-oriented venues, such as farms, vineyards, and gardens, we can accommodate any style of wedding you and your partner desire.

Whether you are having an intimate ceremony or a grand, traditional wedding, we know there are few days as exciting or as romantic as your big day. Our team of New Jersey and New York City caterers oversees all the details of this special event—from venue planning and floral arrangements, to preparing gourmet cuisine and wedding cakes. 

Know your customer avatar

Your clients purchase from you for a reason, and marketing becomes easier once you pinpoint what that motivation is. No matter what artisan product you sell, it’s paramount to know who your customer is and, more important, why they buy from you.

When you know that your customers enlist your healthy catering services because their family has a history of diabetes, or that your prospects purchase your interior design services to increase office productivity, you know how to communicate with them through your marketing.

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