Copywriting Charisma: How to Make a Good First Impression

Copywriting that converts begins with a solid first impression. If you want prospects to fall in love with your products and services, dazzle them with a right out of the gate.

People are hardwired to make quick judgments, especially when they’re thinking about buying something. That said, your marketing message needs to make a positive impact before anything else.

Read our 3-step copywriting process for making an impression that leads to higher conversions.

Step 1: Know why first impressions are paramount to copywriting success.

Imagine you’re on a blind date. You’re dressed casually, but nice. Say you’re wearing a cardigan. You feel simultaneously nervous and excited.

Will you make a good first impression? Will you end up saying something stupid?

Your date saunters in the candle-lit restaurant, sits down, and the first thing you notice is that s/he hasn’t showered for about a week. This situation is emblematic of bad first impressions, so you leave the table and don’t look back.

Copywriting that doesn’t engage the reader within seconds is pretty much the same scenario. Your business is dating your prospects, and you need to make a good first impression before you pop the marriage question.

(The proposal is code for a call to action.)

Step 2: Identify the kind of impression you want to make.

Create a plan for the tone and overall effect that you want to produce.

Do you want your prospects to feel hopeful? Using copywriting that illustrates what kind of future they can have with your products or services. For a good first impression, use a personal story that readers will immediately identify with.

Do you want your prospects to feel a sense of urgency? Start with a hook that reveals a frightening statistic, and quickly follow it up with copy that says there’s something prospects can do about it.

A good first impression boils down to whether or not you understand your audience. When you know exactly what they want, and you can deliver on your promises, you’ll know how to make a positive impact right at the start.

Step 3: Be your authentic self.

No one likes a phony. Call it a tribe mentality, but prospects prefer people who identify with them.

Professional copywriters are never wishy-washy. They show readers where they stand and what they offer with honest writing that resonates. If your reader wants to have a drink with you after the first few lines of copy, you’re off to a good start.

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