Content Marketing Ideas for Attracting More Prospects

"Attracting More Prospects"/>


I love it when restaurants sell the same ingredients they cook with.

For example, there’s this Cuban restaurant with the most spectacular chicken dish. They use a garlic, lemon, and onion sauce that makes my mouth water—in fact, their Famoso Pollo is THE most requested meal.

This restaurant knows the value of their chicken recipe, so they sell their special marinade in a bottle for you to take home!

You can apply this same smart marketing concept online. Instead of having people visit your site and go elsewhere, you can offer something for them to download in exchange for an email address.

Not sure what to offer?

Consider 5 of our favorite ways to attract more prospects and build your list.

5 Ways to Attract Prospective Clients or Customers on Your Website

1. eBook

An eBook should provide high value for the time investment it takes to create one.

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2. Mind Map

A mind map is a way to visualize the branching of ideas. Mind maps typically begin at one specific topic. Please see this video to understand what a mind map is.

3. Accountability Plan

People love a step-by-step process. An accountability worksheet is a way to keep people on track.

You’ve probably seen these on health websites. For example, a person could offer a 30-day diet plan free download.

But these types of daily plans work for most businesses. Simply think about a solution you can help a customer or client solve and then break down the process over time.

4. Checklist

Checklists are a great way to organize a series of actions.

Similar to an accountability plan, a checklist gives someone a step-by-step process.

10-20 items are ideal for a checklist. You don’t want to put too many things on it because it will overwhelm a prospect.

5. Bonus Content

Consider having a section of your site that has a “vault” of your most valuable free information.

For example, you could have a no opt-in download for the first chapter of your book. Then, you could create an opt-in for chapters 2-3.

Think of the bonus content part of your site as a member’s online area. People love exclusivity.

How to Decide What Kind of Report to Make

When making an opt-in offer on your site, consider what you want your prospect to do after reading your report.

Do you want to educate them, so they will be warmed up for a sale?

Do you want to show them how to get results in advance, so they can come back to you for more information?

A great way to educate and build authority is to write a case study for a client or customer you helped. People like case studies because they are based in reality, not theory.

One more thing: don’t forget a call to action (CTA) that brings them back to your site. You never know where your report will end up. Putting a CTA drives traffic to your website and reminds people where to go to buy a product or service from you.

Let us know if you need help creating or coming up with an attractive way to get more prospects.

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