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3 Tricks for a Killer Video Sales Letter

Filmmaker Ingmar Bergman once said: “I write scripts to serve as skeletons awaiting the flesh and sinew of images.” Bergman meant that words are the foundation for his product. Even though we don’t make movies, the copywriting business hinges on the words that bring products and services to life. When it comes ...Read More

When, Where and Why to Put Video on Your Website

Videos add engaging content and can yield better opt-ins than block text on a website. They speak to visual learners, harness the cross-promotion of YouTube, break up the monotony of site design, and simply offer a personal touch. However, you should resist putting videos on your website just for the sake of ...Read More
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Your Video Marketing Message: 5 Tips to Get Your Point Across

The growing importance of online video makes it a must-have component of any successful marketing strategy. But communicating your message and staying on-point in your marketing videos can be difficult, especially if you aren’t comfortable behind the camera. As you start (or expand) your video marketing efforts, keep these five tips in ...Read More
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The Dos and Don’ts of Boosting Your Brand with Images & Videos

Interested in spicing up your marketing materials with videos and images? Then be sure to check out this interview with a Sumer favourite…photographer and videographer and co-owner of Outdoor Video & Photographic, Naomi Estment. In this interview, we ask Naomi some of the most pressing questions on the minds of small-business owners ...Read More
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Time to Add Video to Your Content Marketing Strategy

With the omni-presence of smartphones and tablets these days, more and more of us are interacting with online marketing content in new and dynamic ways. One of the trends it’s becoming hard to ignore is the increasing power of video in online content marketing. Here’s a visual exploration of how marketers are ...Read More
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How to Lure Prospects with Result-Driven Freebies

Let’s face it: it’s hard to resist the offer for something free. Instead of viewing this as an innate weakness of the modern human, you can use this natural law to help lure and win over perspective clients. But if you plan to use freebies as part of your marketing strategy , ...Read More
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What Will the New Year Hold In Store For Online Video?

The Sumer team would like to wish you a very happy and healthy New Year! We hope that 2012 brings you success in your company and personal growth. For our last Copy Doodle blog post of 2011, we’d like to share with you a WebProNews video that discusses the future of online ...Read More
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Should Your Online Business Videos Be Wilder?

Many small business owners come us looking for tips on how to get their businesses noticed online more. Online video is one of the best ways to generate buzz about your brand. Here is a video interview that WebProNews performed with Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, on the popularity of ...Read More
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Just How Effective Are Video and Written Testimonials?

Most of us understand the power testimonials can have, even if we don’t realize it. Think in terms of restaurant or theater reviews: one bad write-up can be the death of an eatery or a fledgling performance. On the other hand, a rave review can spur lines around the corner and sold-out ...Read More
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Launch Yourself Ahead of the Competition with Online Video

SEO expert, Bruce Clay, shares his tips for business success using online video. Specifically, Bruce explains how Universal search results are incorporating video into the mix. If you’re not using video to position yourself above the competition, I assure you that you’ll start using video after hearing what Bruce has to say ...Read More
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