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How to Increase Your Social Media Reach with Periscope

Periscope gives audiences the opportunity to, as its tagline so brilliantly puts it, “explore the world through someone else’s eyes.” As a new venue to increase your social media reach and build a tighter community among your fans and clients, Periscope is the latest marketing trend. The app works like this: users ...Read More

6 Effective Google Plus Marketing Strategies for Businesses

  “XYZ’s new site is the latest smash hit competition to Facebook, and you can no longer hope to ignore it!” Sound familiar? If we were to believe every statement like this across the Internet, then all of the 200+ social media sites that exist need to be taken seriously. However, ...Read More

How Tour and Travel Businesses Can Set Themselves Apart with Social Media

Just when you thought that online marketing couldn’t become more diversified, along comes social media to ruin it for you. Fortunately though, unlike the technical world of SEO, SEM, and media buying, social media is one place where you can roll up your sleeves and have some fun marketing your travel and ...Read More

How to Use SlideShare for Content Strategy

  Did you know SlideShare is the number one B2B presentation platform in the world? In fact, SlideShare receives 500 percent more traffic than Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. If you’re looking for a gathering of B2B professionals, look no further than SlideShare. With SlideShare, anyone can easily upload a deck and ...Read More

How to Maximize Your Value Using Testimonials

Have you ever looked at customer reviews before making a purchase? Did you want to see what other people said before hitting that buy button? It’s common nowadays to take a look at what reviews think or say about a business. You don’t have to be selling on Amazon or have your ...Read More

How to Write a LinkedIn Profile Using the Science of Attraction

LinkedIn says there are over 277,000,000 registered members on the number one social network for professionals. The infograph below shows where most of these 270+ million members are located. Where the 270+ million registered members on LinkedIn are located If you’re on LinkedIn, you’ve obviously got some competition. Even searching for specific ...Read More

Make Your LinkedIn Strategies Count

LinkedIn strategies? Do you really need to think all that much about social media? While Facebook and Twitter may be seen as the place to share pictures of your dog and your opinions on the Olympics, LinkedIn is the one social media platform that lets business owners play with other business owners. ...Read More

Anatomy of Highly Shareable Marketing Content

Marketing content has two functions: to make the reader react, and then take action. But that action isn’t always to purchase directly. When the goal is to spread the word about your products and services, there’s no better vehicle than word of mouth. Marketing content that truly influences your audiences’ lives gives ...Read More

Love Thy Followers: How to Build a Loyal Social Media Tribe

As our world drowns in information, and shameless product and event promotion fills Twitter feeds everywhere, there’s something special about building a strong, thoughtful social media presence on the Internet that cuts through the noise and stands out among the rest. What’s even more powerful is creating a community of followers that ...Read More

Living Out Loud: An Interview with Janet Wallace

We love Janet Wallace (and so does most of the Internet). She’s the founder of Social Deviants and UtopYA, as well as a powerhouse of social media influence and knowledge for entrepreneurial success. We took a few minutes to talk with her about social marketing, how to increase exposure for business on ...Read More