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Content Marketing Strategy: Separate the Shoppers from the Buyers

Whatever your overall marketing strategy includes (a business blog, email campaigns, a webinar series, a social media presence, etc.), you can likely increase its effectiveness by introducing list segmentation. Here’s [...]

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Marketing Copy and Humor: Selling with the Punch Line

Humor is one of a marketing copywriter’s most powerful tools. But like any powerful tool, it must be wielded with care—or you risk offending your readers, alienating your audience, and [...]

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Why 22% of Online Marketing Efforts See No ROI

A recent study of 270 companies that advertise through online marketing found that 22% of businesses saw zero return on investment (ROI) from all of their online marketing channels. In [...]

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Trust in Online Marketing: Ways to Build Value before Money Changes Hands

One of the most important duties of online marketing copy is to establish trust between a seller and a buyer. Prospective clients become actual clients when they feel as if [...]

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Tame Your Content Marketing Octopus

A study conducted in late 2011 found that the average B2B marketer currently uses eight different content marketing tactics as part of an overall online marketing strategy. In other words, [...]

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How Marketing Content Is Like Table Manners

If you grew up eating dinner around the family table, chances are there were rules you had to follow if you didn’t want to go to bed without dessert. The [...]

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Which Online Marketing Strategies Should You Try This Year?

Whatever your level of online marketing savvy, you’ve no doubt noticed that every year, you have more options for promoting, advertising, and selling to online customers. Here’s a breakdown of [...]

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Tap into the Science of Habits to Market Smarter

By definition, habits shape the way we live without drawing attention to themselves. Recent research on habits shows that, once a habit is formed, the part of our brain that [...]

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5 Ways to Run Successful Email Campaigns without Losing Your Mind

A successful email campaign has the power to increase your exposure, bring in revenue, and win you new clients. But without careful attention, an email campaign can quickly derail and [...]

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Engaging Readers: Active vs. Passive Learning

Remember that Reach toothbrush commercial with the flip-top head character? The argument went that, if we could all flip our heads back and open our jaws so our teeth were [...]

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