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3 Strategies for Writing Killer E-commerce Copy

In the digital marketplace, potential buyers cannot pick up a product and weigh whether or not to buy it. (Hey, technology can only move so fast.) That’s why E-commerce copy [...]

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Web Copy That Kills Websites

The most effective and conversion-ready websites combine equal parts design and message. When these two factors work seamlessly with one another, your website not only draws in a more loyal [...]

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Fluff Copywriting: How To Identify and Avoid It

The most effective marketing message exudes personality, expresses clear benefits, and speaks directly to the target audience, and, through engagement, encourages visitors to take action. The key to conversion success [...]

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10 Phrases to Avoid in Marketing Copy

Effective copywriters create SEO-rich sentences that read naturally. While it’s important to craft an easily digestible message that reads elegantly, you need to exercise caution with transitional phrases. While your [...]

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How Do You FAQ?

Ah, the Frequently Asked Questions page. It’s an outlet for you to address questions and concerns from your prospects before they ever contact you. And it’s a very important page [...]

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Copywriting Lessons from the Big Screen

In your marketing copy, storytelling functions as more than a method to get your prospects to pay attention. It’s a way to show the reader how conflicts get resolved, and [...]

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Interactive Copywriting

Though copywriting was born as a marketing tool to persuade an audience, these days, web copy has to do more than simply persuade. It has to inspire. Thanks to the interactive [...]

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7 Surefire Ways to Lose the Trust of Your Audience

Building trust with your target market is hard work. Prospects not only have to know your company, but they have to like you, too, before they hand over their trust. But [...]

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3 Traits of Sharable Content

Think about the last blog post, email, or article you’ve read that truly floored you. One that moved you to leave a comment, forward the message, retweet the link, or [...]

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How to Find Content Topics Your Readers Want

Ever get that sinking feeling that the blog post or article you just penned is a complete dud? You keep clicking back, checking on the post, hoping for a few [...]

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