[Case Study] How We Got 9x ROI For a Virtual Program Launch

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Our client wanted to launch a new 2-month, $1,999 virtual program that attracted members of their list and new leads who were just starting out in their business. The bulk of the client’s list was business owners; however, the goal of this campaign was to engage a different part of the list, which had not been purchasing because they were just starting a business or thinking of starting a business.graphic_01 blog case study 1

Identifying these people and offering them a program designed to meet their specific needs would also help the client fill the funnel for live events and a yearlong mentorship program.

To increase urgency, the client wanted a short promotional window on the program. This meant Sūmèr had to come up with a strategy that ensured we maximized both the marketing and the sales team efforts.


Sūmèr created a two-tiered strategy to launch the program. Knowing that their list and client base responded best to telecalls, we launched a free, 2-part teleseries campaign.

graphic_02 blog case study 1We promoted to the list and on social media, and also partnered with an outside vendor who drove traffic to the landing page via banner ads and a retargeting campaign. However, Sūmèr wrote the copy for all ads to ensure consistency in messaging.

An important part of the strategy was to have the ideal program purchaser self-select—that this program would help them grow their business. We did this through polling the list ahead of the preview call launch and then created specific messaging to specific self-selected groups.graphic_03 blogy case study 1

During the 2-part call, the offer was made to listeners to join the virtual program and the client sent them to a sales page—written by Sūmèr —to purchase. To increase the sense of urgency and build additional value, we also offered bonuses, which expired at different times and gave different payment plan options.

graphic_04 blog case study 1Because we drove traffic to the sales page between the calls and for the 7 days after the last call, Sūmèr was able to make real-time changes to the sales page based on visitor behavior we gathered from heat mapping.

The client was concerned about selling a $1,999.00 program from a sales page alone, so we involved the client’s sales team in the marketing rollout.

In addition to providing the 800 number on the preview calls, Sūmèr also included clear calls to action under the purchase buttons to call with questions. The sales team answered these calls, and the joint effort paid off.

Resultsgraphic_05 blog case study 1

  •  1,906 sign ups for the 2-part telecall.
  • Sold 27 people via the sales page into a $1,999.00, 2-month virtual program via email within a 14-day period.
  • The campaign generated over $50k in revenue and a 9x ROI.
  • This program also provided a natural upsell into the main programs being offered. It opened a new gateway for people to work with our client, including selling tickets to upcoming conferences and a yearlong mentor program.

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