[CASE STUDY] How We Generated Over $85,000.00 In 5 Weeks

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Challengefree video series_01

The client approached us with an idea to sell a virtual group membership program to their list, and was unsure how to go about a successful launch.

The first challenge Sūmèr identified was that the list had been sporadically nurtured with high-quality, free content, and had never been presented with a paid offer via email. The second challenge was the $997.00 price point—because of the relatively high price point and that fact that the list had never been asked to purchase.



With the ultimate goal to launch a virtual 12-month program at $997.00 per person to a list not accustomed to receiving offers via email, we developed a strategy that broke the launch into 3 tiers. We also offered a 3-payment plan to make it easier to purchase.

  1. free video series_02The first step was creating a free, 3-part video series campaign that we offered to the list via a series of emails.
  2. The second tier was direct promotion to the opt-ins after the third video, which included a phone call with the client to see if the program was a good fit.
  3. The third tier was a free webinar campaign open to the opt-ins who did not purchase and also to the main list. The client sold the program off the webinar.


Resultsfree video series_014

  • 1,700 opt-ins for free video series out of a list of 8,000.
  • In the first 2 weeks of launching the program sales offer, 49 people were enrolled in the $997.00 program.
  • As a result of the program launch, the client sold 6 private VIP clients at $6,000.00 each—these people identified themselves as not wanting to participate in a group program.
  • Total sales in the five-week campaign was over $85,000.00—over 14x ROI.

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