How Brand Loyalty Happens in 3 Steps


Brand loyalty serves as the demarcation line for your overall business performance. As clients keep coming back for more, that’s when running your business becomes a little easier.

But just how do you achieve brand loyalty?

The ironclad milestone to lock in loyal brand warriors, higher revenues, and raving reviews is to make your clients addicted to products and services. In other words, your target market needs what you offer, and they won’t settle for anything less.

So how do you ensure that your products and services become more addictive than coffee, Facebook, and television combined? Take this 3-step approach, and your clients will get their fix.

1.    Do your customers actually use your products and services after purchasing?

Be honest. Have you asked yourself this question?

The first step to brand loyalty is to figure out whether actual product use happens. And if the answer is, “it doesn’t,” then it’s time to figure out what’s going on.

The reason: if clients don’t see the benefits in action, they won’t get addicted.

2.   Nurture your customers after the purchase point.

You’ve made the sale—great! But there’s a caveat: your customers may need to learn more benefits even if your sales copy already did the job.

Trust me—we’ve seen the positive impact of post-purchase communication.

We had a client who understood the need for this step. (Good for him!) He enlisted our professional copywriting services to map out and write post-download nurture sequences for those who signed up for his app.

The app itself geo-located different wineries that enthusiasts could visit easier. While that’s a great benefit, our client wanted to up the ante…

He wanted to make his app fun, so people would keep using it consistently. And that’s why our professional copywriters engineered emails that provided guidance on how to get the most out of the user experience.

3.   Upsells, Upsells, Upsells. 

You’ve nurtured your target market to use your product. That’s by far the biggest hurdle. But once clients get to the addiction point, are you going to leave them there?


They want more, so give it to them with strategically timed upsell nurture sequences that make their user experience that much sweeter.

Product addiction means always wanting more, so give them something to crave with upsell sequences.

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