Blueprint for a Successful Marketing Funnel Launch

Our professional copywriting team has gone into full happy-dance mode. Now that we’ve successfully created a comprehensive marketing funnel for the Main Street Alternative Asset Planners, we’re sharing our strategy.

If you’ve been thinking about engineering a sales and marketing funnel (or tweaking your current one), keep reading to discover the must-have components that increase your opt-in rate, nurture your prospects, and increase your sales.

Compel prospects with free and helpful information.

A successful marketing funnel begins with an enticing offer. In exchange for your prospects’ time, you offer content that helps them solve a problem, learn a technique, etc.

For the Main Street Alternative Asset Planners, the marketing funnel begins with an insightful video sales letter that reveals information on how and why retirement accounts go belly-up.

Look at that headline, and you’ll see the promise of learning vital information. It’s important to not only educate your audience on issues that impact them, but it’s also crucial to deliver techniques that help them solve problems.

In the video that opens after prospects opt in, the content highlights how to stop these threats from happening.

Click here to see how this video provides helpful insight.

Give them a return path.

When your prospects opt in to receive information, watch a video, or read a landing page, there’s no guarantee they’ll have time to check out your content. That means, it’s up to you to provide a return path, an easy way back to consume your content.

In the image below, you’ll see how simple it is to ensure your audience accesses your content. With a simple series of emails, you can provide additional content while enticing your audience to engage with the material they signed up for.

In the world of uncertainty, split testing is paramount.

When you compel prospects to engage, but you’re unsure how they’d prefer to retain information, split testing is your best friend. To create a high-converting sales funnel, we also created a landing page that gives the audience the same valuable information, but in a different format.

Beginning with a grabber that identifies the ideal audience, highlights a frustration, and showcases a desire, our professional copywriters prove to readers that they will gain vital insight.

Click here to check out the rest.

Continue to nurture when prospects DON’T convert…and also when they DO.

If you think you’ve forked over enough insightful content in your video sales letter, lead magnet, or landing pages…

Think again.

To ramp up the conversion rate, the best practice is to keep delivering helpful information.

The caveat: provide this information not only to those who don’t buy, but also to people who’ve said yes. In spreading this goodwill, you not only increase your sales, but you also provide existing customers with enough content that promotes return business and word-of-mouth promotion.

If you’re running a monthly service, offer a trial period.  

Quite often great prospects say no, even though they’re interested. This happens when a member of your audience remains unsure of whether or not your product or services will provide solutions.

That’s when the trial period comes into play. In letting fence-sitting prospects in on the fun, you show them the experience, and if they are your ideal candidates, they’ll make the transition to a full sale.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with a free trial, we recommend using a $1 trial strategy, so that you don’t have to worry with payment information later on.

Offer a way out.

Another reason prospects drop out of a sales funnel is the lack of a guarantee. No matter how transformative your services are, no one wants to enter a contract that they can’t back out of.

This is where your guarantee comes into play. To offer your audience a way out and increase sales as a result, feel free to steal the guarantee below:

When you’re ready to engineer a sales funnel that increases your opt-in rate and sales, contact our team.

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