Content Marketing: Where it’s Headed

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Ah, the ever-evolving world of content marketing. From the need to enhance user experience to rapidly updating technology, there are many factors at play, and small business owners need to adapt.

In our years of professional copywriting and content marketing, we’ve learned how to predict what the future holds for content. It’s constantly changing—that’s for sure—but with these predictions from our team, you’ll stay one step ahead. 

Nurturing becomes the biggest sales force. 

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The power of customer nurturing designed to form deeper customer relationships is not unrecognized. In fact, a recent poll from DemandGen Report states that 68% of buyers in the B2B space want companies to swap direct sales messaging for more valuable, helpful content.

With the rising demand for quality, relevant content, we will see a greater need for in-depth copywriting that has direct impact on readers’ lives. Direct sales will still be part of the equation, but business owners must first cultivate relationships with prospects.

~Michelle Salater, Sūmèr President

As television and the Internet merge, we will see “invisible” content marketing. 

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Over the next years, popular entertainment venues will merge even more—specifically television and the Internet. Look at Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, and HBO Go—these platforms have blurred the lines between mediums. Users will use “the Intertelevision / the Telenet” as they choose—for entertainment, education, or simply to kill time. With a combined vehicle for information distribution, copywriters will adapt to the evolving methods in which audiences acquire information.

In this way, marketing content will become less about overt advertising and more about storytelling and conversation. We will see fewer sales pages and more story-based articles, fewer video sales letters and more video-based case studies. It’s already happening. Click around on the Huffington Post, and you’ll see pieces about how companies produce goods, or how customers form a culture around a company. The caveat is that this is marketing, plain and simple, but it’s not so apparent. In the future, marketing will become invisible, but more effective at the same time.

~John Owen, Head Copywriter 

Out with content mills, in with quality writing.

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Content marketing is moving away from low-quality, high volume content mills abroad to high-quality, knowledgeable agencies in the United States. This trend is already being observed by the decline in Alexa rankings for the most well-known English language content mills, including Demand Studios and Crowd Content. The changes in Google’s algorithms and smarter customers demand lots of unique, quality content that is helpful for the reader in an informative, non-scammy sort of way. Plus, consumers have higher expectations than ever before. You have to demonstrate how your company is the best long before you have the chance to convert them.

~Melanie Green, Copywriter 

Content relevancy is key.

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We’re already seeing click bait becoming a thing of the past, and we will continue to see misleading content hurt SEO rankings and social media stats. Facebook has already taken great lengths to ensure ad content is relevant to what is being advertised. In addition, users have wised up and aren’t going to be fooled by cute cat pictures and an attention-grabbing headline that doesn’t deliver. Quality, relevant content is now the standard consumers hold businesses to—and they won’t settle for less. Here’s to lower bounce rates and killer (and useful) content!

~Rachel Edwards, Content Strategist

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