About Us

What We Do: Sumèr, LLC, specializes in web copy writing, SEO copywriting, and the promotion and marketing of websites after they launch.

What We Believe: Sumèr believes in the power of personal connection. We stand for the hope and conviction that capitalism across the globe can be healed through conscious entrepreneurship, whether in small businesses or large corporations. Sumèr believes that anything is possible and that amazing things can occur in this world if we all learn to communicate effectively.

Who We Are: We are a a team of creatives with a passion for web copywriting, blogging, online marketing and promotion, and celebrating each client’s success. We know no borders. Whether in San Diego or South Carolina, Cape Town or Europe, we help clients that share our vision: they are passionate about their brand message, dedicated to great results, and willing to make the investment required to fulfill their goals.

Meet the Team

Michelle Salater, President

Michelle is an award-winning writer and president of Sumèr. Her journey from the jungles of Central America to the battlefields of the Balkans to the plains of the Serengeti led her to marry her passion of adventure and writing and start a copywriting company.

As an avid business blogger, Michelle has grown her marketing blog, Copy Doodle, to be a powerful lead generation and client education tool, and frequently guest blogs and lectures on blogging. In 2009, Michelle won the Charleston Business Journal’s Forty under 40 award for her business and community leadership.

Little-known fact about me: I don’t like sand.

Favorite vacation spot: It’s a toss-up between St. Martin and Kenya.

Vision: For Sumèr to be an international firm, with offices in Charleston and Kenya.

How I ended up in Charleston: Every time I’d leave the country, I thought about Charleston. I kept coming back until I stayed.

Jess Smith, Account Manager

With a New York state of mind and an attitude to match, Jess keeps us one step ahead of the game. Originally from Long Island, New York, Jess is now soaking up the year-round beach weather in Charleston. She enjoys spending her free time hanging out with her malti-poo, Harleigh, and friends. Jess is a graduate of the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and holds a degree in communication studies. Her dream is to someday design her own clothing line, but for now she’ll stick to shopping.

Little-known fact about me: I am a pescetarian, which means I only eat fish, no other meat.

Favorite Pastime: Reading gossip magazines. It’s such a guilty pleasure; I could read them for days.

How I ended up in Charleston: As a New Yorker, I grew up in the cold weather, and decided after graduating from college in North Carolina, I decided I wanted to be somewhere even warmer warm.

Brenna Lemieux, Copywriter

With family on both coasts and an inability to choose which she prefers, Brenna decided to split the difference and move to Illinois. While her current residence may be humble, she likely won’t stay long: in recent years, Brenna has lived and worked in Baltimore, Chicago, Paris, and Galway, Ireland.

At present, this full-time freelance writer devotes the hours she saves by not commuting to her poetry habit. Brenna has a bachelor’s degree from Bucknell University and an MFA from Southern Illinois University.

Little-known fact about me: I speak French and use that as an excuse to eat more baguettes than might be considered healthy.

Favorite part of my job: Learning a new voice to match each client..

Penny Salater, Copy Editor

Penny is Sumèr’s editor extraordinaire. With her bedside Chicago Manual of Style, she prevents pesky dangling participles, misplaced modifiers, and typos while ensuring proper comma usage. She studied in Paris and taught high school and college French before uncovering her passion for proper English grammar. A recovering Francophile, Penny now lives on beautiful Tablerock Lake in Southwest Missouri with her two Sea-Doos.

Little-known fact about me: I used to be terribly afraid of drowning and of big dogs. However, I now enjoy the water and our large dogs.

Favorite Pastime: I always love to read, but when the weather is suitable, I enjoy the lake: boating, sea-dooing, and swimming off the dock—but always with my life vest!

Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere, as long as I can be with my two wonderful children, my sister and her husband, and/or my friends.

One place in the world I would like to visit: Alaska.

Mama Mia, Office Assistant

As a full-time office assistant, Mama Mia works endlessly to ensure a happy work environment. Between playing with her dog friends and taking long naps in the sunshine, she inspires our team with her paper-shredding artwork and encourages us to take frequent breaks to pet and play with her. Mama holds a degree in Basic Obedience. Born in St. John, USVI, she now calls Charleston, SC, her home.

Favorite Pastime: Bothering Jess while she is trying to type.

What I love about my job: I’m allowed to nap throughout the entire day.