A Tribute to Our Beloved Mama Mia

Mama Mia was not only our office manager and company mascot, but also our friend and source of constant joy.

Today, our team, our clients, and friends mourn her passing. She was a good sport and was always willing to try new things. (The photos alone vouch for her fun-loving spirit and sense of humor).

Little Mama lived a good life. From breeding fighter dogs in the US Virgin Islands to Charleston to Charlotte, she led an exceptional life. And she kept us laughing all the way until the end.

Thank you Mama Mia for everything. We love you and you will be forever missed.

To celebrate Mama Mia’s life, here are a few of our BEST OF MAMA MIA photos.

Ezine Nov 5 Photo

Mama Mia being festive for Halloween & rocking out that hot, hot, hot blue boa!

for ezine

Always a snuggler…even when others aren’t exactly willing. This was one of the last photos taken of Mama Mia and her son Moose.


Constantly giving her mom so much sass.

She invented the puppy dog eye…how can you say no to that face?!

mama web 4

Her Momma’s little snowflake.

mama web oct 5

Always posing for the camera.

Mama Web Ovt 1

This face just says it all.


Does this make me look fat?


Proving that “blondes always have more fun.”







































































If you knew Mama Mia, we invite you to post your favorite “Mama Mia” moment on Facebook. Let’s celebrate her life together!

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