Mix Up Your Email Format To Get A Response

by Michelle Salater on May 20, 2011


Derek Fredrickson, Authentic Internet Marketing Specialist and founder of the Authentic Internet Marketing System, was kind enough to allow us to use one of his blog articles for Copy Doodle.

Please see below for Derek’s article on Mix Up Your Email Format To Get A Response:

When sending emails to the people on your list, are you just a “sender” or a “marketer?” You may be wondering what the difference is – and let me explain.

Too many times people just send emails. And the emails always look the same as the last one with the same format, style, etc. It’s great for consistency, but your readers are looking for more and will likely not respond more over time. It’s like visiting a website that never changes. You want to see it in different formats and styles over time. Why? It keeps you interested and you’re more likely to respond because you’re never quite sure what to expect to see.

You need to do the same with the format of your emails if you want to get a response from your readers.

Now, you might be wondering, “how can I be different with my emails?” And, I’m not talking about email copy – that’s your job to write compelling copy. And, I’ve already shared some great tips and secrets for writing thought-provoking email subject lines in a previous blog post.

I’m talking about the “format” of your emails. You want to mix it up to keep your readers engaged, motivated, interested and responsive to what you’re sending (whether it’s free content or an offer for buying). Why? The more they are engaged and reading your emails – the more likely they will respond favorably to your content and your offers.

In this article I will reveal the three different type of emails and the pro’s/con’s of using all of them.

Here is an example of an HTML message. The characteristics are it’s very colorful and incorporates a lot of the branding. For this Client Attraction email, we had different format (bold, italics, etc.) for the some of the email copy as well as the video image embedded right in the email. Our Client Attraction “Special Announcement” banner across the top as well as the formal signature image of “Fabienne” at the bottom.

Here are some pro’s and con’s of HTML emails:


  • You can track open rate and/or click-through-rate
  • You can include images like company logos, photos
  • Formatting options like bold, underline
  • Highlighted text can be used to help words stand out
  • Centering and other alignment can be used


  • Too much graphics can distract and deter your audience (or mark your message as SPAM)
  • Not all email readers everyone can view HTML properly (especially on a mobile device)
  • Slower to load the messages

Plain Text
Here is an example of plain text email and well; it’s pretty plain looking. But, notice some techniques we used here to ensure we take advantage of the fact we’re sending plain text. One of the biggest advantages of plain text is the ability to read the email easily on mobile devices. And, most mobile devices have a very small screen with not much width. So, we shrink the width of our plain text emails deliberately so they can easily be viewed on mobile devices. And, most people like to read a shorter amount of words on a line than longer amount of words – its easier and more efficient for the reader. You can use a free service at www.formatit.com to easily decrease the width of your plain text emails automatically.

Here are some pro’s and con’s of Plain Text emails:


  • Simple to produce (don’t need a VA to write your email)
  • Everyone can read it properly
  • Readers on mobile email devices (a growing number) can read it easily


  • All hyperlinks must appear in their entirety. For example: https://www.clientattraction.com
  • You can’t hyperlink words
  • No graphics
  • No font formatting such as underlining, bold, or color
  • You can’t track the open rate

This is my favorite as it combines a best of both worlds scenario for plain text and HTML. At the end of the day it is still an “HTML” email – but with some very clever formatting designed to make it look like and have the feel of a plain text email. And, we always hyperlink the video image so it looks like readers can click the play button right there in the email – but we hyperlink the image to direct them to the webpage where they can immediately watch the video.

The key here is to mix it up. A typical Client Attraction email campaign for a promotion we’re doing will never include the same type of emails in a row. We will do HTML to start as a big “special announcement” email and then move into the plain text while wrapping up with the hybrid. All of them are different and will surely keep our readers engaged and interested to what we offer next!

Until Next Time… Learn It, Love It, Live It!

Your Assignment:
Which email format do you tend to use over and over again? Make a plan that for your next email campaign you develop three different email formats using the HTML, plain text and hybrid formats. Track the results you get based on the response and include different strategies by mixing it up with the emails you send to your list. Interested in finding out more about email formats and other authentic Internet marketing strategies to help grow your online business? The Authentic List Building Coaching program can show you exactly how you can authentically add up to 1,000 new qualified prospects to your business each month. People who really “get” your message and are eager and ready to become your client or buy your products. And, you could do this authentically, quickly and consistently, without being spammy or icky, but just by being you. How would that make a difference in your life? I created this one-of-a-kind program to personally walk you through the same secrets we used (and continue to use daily) to add over 1,000 highly targeted and qualified leads to our list each month for the last 12 months. To see the presentation I created for you about authentic list building principles [IMPORTANT VIDEO], go here.

About Derek Fredrickson:

Derek Fredrickson, Authentic Internet Marketing Specialist, is founder of the Authentic Internet Marketing System, the proven step-by-step program that shows you exactly how to authentically market your business online, in record time…guaranteed. To get your F.R.E.E. videos and receive his authentic internet marketing articles on attracting more leads and converting more sales online to multiply your current revenues, visit www.derekfredrickson.com.

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