Save Time and Energy with A Social Media Editorial Calendar

by Michelle Salater on February 21, 2011


You’ve heard us rant and rave about blog editorial calendars and their role in creating a more efficient marketing routine, but have you ever considered creating a social media editorial calendar? If not, here are a few reasons why you should create one:

1. You’ll save time and reduce stress by planning ahead instead of racing around during busy parts of the week, trying to find something valuable to post on social media.

2. You’ll be able to visualize your social objects and easily decide what social objects have been overused or underused. This enables you to create a balanced mix of fresh social media objects to keep followers engaged.

3. You’ll be able to schedule certain posts for specific dates and times. This means you don’t have to be present to hit the Submit, Add, or Send buttons on social media.

We’ve taken one day from one of our social media editorial calendars and placed it below to give you a better idea of what goes into creating a well-rounded calendar:

Social Media Editorial Calendar for Sumèr, LLC

Days: February 20 – 23 (spotlight on February 20)

February 20:


1. Blog Post: If your blog has been submitted to Networked Blogs and you’ve set up Networked Blogs to feed your blog posts onto your Facebook page, then you can put these posts in your social media editorial schedule. If you publish posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings at 8:30 a.m. EST, then you can mark those posts down on your social media calendar, since you know the posts are automatically being fed into your Facebook account on those specific days.

Example from Sumèr’s Facebook page: Networked Blogs post publishes in morning:

If your blog is not on Networked Blogs, then manually add a link to the post on your Facebook page for each day the blog publishes.

2. Article: Whenever you read a great blog post or news article, save the link in your editorial calendar and schedule a social media post around this article.

Example from Sumer’s Facebook Page: Online marketing article taken from

3. Question: Is there a topic you’d like to receive feedback on? If so, write a question around this topic, and post it on your Facebook page.

Example from Sumèr’s Facebook page: Have you ever used customer retention strategies, or do you know of a company who implements an effective customer retention strategy? If so, what strategy do you find to be the most effective?


**NOTE: Sumèr posts more to Twitter than to Facebook each day. We’ll post anywhere from 8 – 12 tweets in a day and anywhere from 3 – 4 Facebook posts each day. Therefore, we’ll only plan a few tweets in our editorial calendar and leave room for any tweets that are time-sensitive, or if we read a really great article, we’ll tweet it at the time we read it.

One of the best parts about Twitter is that you can also schedule all of your tweets in one sitting to publish throughout the day.

Tweet 1: Tweet Chris Leary’s contest blog post (client-based tweet).

Tweet 2: Tweet quote: “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tweet 3: Retweet ProBlogger (industry professional).

Tweet 4: Retweet an article on “16 Social Media Stats that Might Surprise You” (social media article).

Tweet 5: Promote Ezine: “Sign up for our biweekly newsletter, and get some freebies geared toward small business owners.”

See example of these scheduled tweets below:

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