6 Entrepreneur-Friendly Apps That Increase Productivity

Increasing productivity is a vital component to business success. Yes, that’s the no-brainer statement of the century; however, when 12-hour day fatigue sets in, it’s not so simple to stay productive.

You’re a human being, after all. And so are your team members.

Luckily, you can rely on a little technology to keep your synapses firing at full throttle. Dear reader, your favorite copywriters are here to help you keep up the pace.

Check out these 6 entrepreneur-friendly apps (and yes, we included download links because we like you that much).

WinStreak epitomizes productive goal setting.

WinStreak enhances productivity in a unique way: you create three milestones or “wins” that you want to achieve throughout a given day. As you set your goals, you also create an additional three accolades for the following day. This feature not only empowers you to accomplish more, but it also keeps you vigilant of the future.

What’s more, the WinStreak app’s goal-setting function opens your mind up to the way you set priorities in business. It makes you stop and think about what’s important versus what can wait.

Download WinStreak here.

Letterspace enables effortless note taking.  

If ever there’s a question about a client account, you can bet that the answer is most likely in the notes. The thing is, note taking is not a skill that everyone has. Either it’s difficult to listen and take notes, or your thoughts become disjointed as you write down facts, directives, and ideas. 

Introducing Letterspace—the solution to note-taking woes. This app utilizes a hashtag system that categorizes your thoughts and integrates your notes into a simple interface.

No more scrambling for an answer—it’s right there on your Letterspace app.

Download Letterspace here.

Pocket Analytics creates easier decision making.

Efficient decision making is a key skill to attain, especially for forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

But how often do you use data to make a decision? If you don’t, you should.

The only issue is…

If that data isn’t at your fingertips, you might have to wait to make a move, even though fast action would be vastly more beneficial. Luckily, Pocket Analytics saves the day.

The app stores your website’s analytics in one spot, so that you can take a helicopter view of the numbers and make a decision based on user behavior. There’s even a drag and drop feature, which is pretty darn cool.

Download Pocket Analytics here.

Workflow stops distraction.

Ah, time management. The old intention-setting paradigm that dictates “I’ll do this in two hours and not be distracted by bunnies or shiny objects.”

Time management is paramount, yet most entrepreneurs have nothing in place that holds them accountable. And then there’s task prioritization, which is a different monster.

Thank your lucky stars for the Workflow app, which allows you to bypass less important tasks in favor of checking off the more important parts of your to-do list. One especially cool feature is “task buttons” for various activities—from booking a cab to calling your grandma.

Download Workflow here.

Fancy Hands eliminates time wasters.

Fancy Hands makes little tasks easier and more efficient.

We’re talking about stuff like table reservations here. But entrepreneurs can also use it for more pressing matters, like making necessary business-related purchases. With this app, you can bypass time wasters and concentrate on staying productive.

Download Fancy Hands here.

Prismatic gives you the content you want.

One thing we’ve learned about the entrepreneurs we work with—they’re avid readers who devour the latest in industry trends and strategies. That’s why Prismatic is such a good tool—the app analyzes the blogs and social media channels that interest you and gives you a list of content that you’d like.

It works much like Netflix and Pandora that give suggestions, only instead of movie and movie recommendations, you discover new content. And when you need inspiration to stay productive, there’s no better place to turn than action-based content.

Download Prismatic here.

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