6 B2B Content Marketing Principles That You Need to Follow Now

<img src="image.gif" alt="Letters B2B" />Our professional copywriters never create any message using a rulebook . We simply live by one content marketing code: it’s all about the audience.

If you work within the B2B model, you know all-too-well that your audience has specific needs. And that your content must center on those needs in order to be successful.

There’s no rulebook or definitive standard for what constitutes relevant B2B content. However, there are solid principles that dictate what works in B2B content marketing.

To be clear, there’s a difference between a rule and a principle. You can take a principle, turn it into action, and spin it toward the needs of your audience.

On the other hand, templates and limitations suck. But we’re cool with what we know works. The good news is that you don’t have to scour the Internet in search of B2B marketing strategies

We’ve got six of them right here.

Do yourself a favor: print this list out. These principles will come in handy next time you get stuck in a B2B content marketing rut.

1. Market research is like gasoline for a car. Whether you use metrics, surveys, or any number of tools out there, the relevant data you acquire gives you fodder for content. Never hesitate to grab data wherever you find it.

2. It’s always about struggle, and never about stuff. In the B2B model, the name of the game is solutions. As long as you create a message centered on a comprehensive solution, and not on products, you’re doing something right.

3. Information will set your audience free. Wherever there’s an opportunity on your website, deliver valuable and market-specific information. Whatever your niche is, you’ll build more credibility when you leverage your expertise.

4. One-on-one interaction is a good thing. Let’s face it, crowds don’t feel special. When you reach out to your ideal clients via social media or personal email, you give them content that builds relationships.

5. Make your marketing content customer-centric…literally. While you may be the voice of your business message, let the backup singers have a turn. In other words, let your customers be part of your content with testimonials.

6. With B2B content marketing, you can actually plan ahead! As a B2B business owner, you’ve got a leg-up. The stages a business goes through can be anticipated. Is it tax season? The third quarter? Because you have this crystal ball, you can easily tailor content to center on what’s currently happening.

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