5 Ways to Find Fresh Content for Your Blog

We all know keeping our blogs fresh is a must, but there are times we all run out of ideas for posts. Never fear, new ideas are all around you!

Industry-specific websites

Is there a website or two dedicated to your industry? For example, if you’re in the medical field, you could visit several types of websites:

  • Medical supply or device manufacturers’ sites
  • WebMD
  • Sites for the local hospital and doctor’s offices (specialists typically have good websites)
  • Regulatory bodies such as OSHA or the Joint Commission
  • Ask.com and About.com (good way to find out what people are asking about)


News sites

Any news site will do, as most have stories sorted by category. You can tie your industry or business to a variety of stories if you’re creative. For example, if you’re a life coach and you come across an inspiring story about a woman who rose from living on the streets to become a successful pilot, you could discuss how working with you would have helped her rise faster and reach her goals in a shorter time.


Competitors’ websites

What is the competition doing? We’re not saying you should re-use topics, but you can take note of what they say and discuss how your company does it better. For example, your competitor discusses their customer service. You can add a paragraph to your next blog about your stellar customer service and specific ways you serve your clients. Or you could use that as a call to action on a blog.

Social media

What are people talking about, and how can you link yourself to that? Creativity is the name of the game. People read your blog to be entertained and informed, so give them what they want. Talk about a trend on Twitter and how your company could help or improve it. Don’t be afraid to be a bit outrageous.

Ask your readers!

Create a survey on SurveyMonkey, and ask what your readers want to see on your blog. Offer a gift for participating, or hold a contest and award a prize. The best way to serve your blog readers is to have them share their questions and concerns.

How do you come up with exciting, fresh blog content?

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