The 5 Smartest Copywriting Habits You Can Develop Instantly

When it comes to creating content that compels and sells, success hinges on what goes into the copywriting process. So how do you make your message stand out?

It’s simple: form copywriting habits. Good ones.

Think of your repeat behavior as a magic pill that cures low sales, customer resistance, writing blocks, lackluster ideas, and (I’m serious) emotional turmoil.

So what are the exact copywriting habits worth forming? We’ve got five of them right here.

Copywriting Habit #1: Write without Distraction

As a small business owner, the hardest part of copywriting is sitting down to complete the mission without distractions.

With a constantly ringing phone and a barrage of client emails, writing without interruption may prove difficult.

We suggest setting aside a specific amount of time to write everyday. It’s a truly foundational copywriting habit that helps you create the intended results.

If necessary, set a timer and then put your mind in tunnel vision mode.

When you see more blog subscribers, a growing email list, and higher conversions, you’ll be thankful you developed this habit.

Copywriting Habit #2: Detach Yourself from the Work

This is a tough one, so take a deep breath.

A good habit is to never think of your copywriting work as a precious document. There, I said it.

Why is this habit such a tall order? Because after hours of work, drained emotions, mental burnout, and hard-formed ideas…

Your marketing content should be a masterpiece!

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. In fact, you’ll rarely sculpt conversion-ready, customer-engaging copy in one session.

If the content fails in its mission, revision is in your near future. It happens to all of us, and it’s never something to be ashamed of. When you detach yourself from the work, it softens the blow.

There are fewer emotions involved, and you’ll be mentally prepared to create stronger content on the second go-round.

Our suggestion: make as much time for revision as you do for writing. And treat the revision process with the same dedication. Call it a “second first draft,” but this copywriting habit not only produces better content, it also helps you grow on a personal level.

Copywriting Habit #3: Always Write for an Audience of One

When it comes to forming good copywriting habits, know that the process is generally a solo act. You’re not standing at a podium giving a rousing speech to tens of thousands. Even though your content might reach a wide audience, avoid writing with a large number of people in mind.

Write to one person, and one person alone.

Think of it this way: a salesperson uses the same technique. S/he speaks to one prospect at a time. Sure, s/he may be juggling more than one person, but s/he always addresses people on an individual level.

It’s a smart habit to form, especially in copywriting.

A solid copywriter digs into the customer’s likes and dislikes, their passions and pains, and their history. In fact, the study of customer personality comes before understanding the product.

When you get into the habit of writing for one, it becomes easier to find angles that attract the individual customer, captivate their interest, and make them feel as if the product or service was designed with them in mind.

Copywriting Habit #4: Be Your Own Critic

Get into the habit of self-criticism. It’s a paradox, but this habit forms greater confidence in your copywriting. Not too mention, it saves you more re-writing time. Whenever you finish a project, let it sit for a while.

When you take a second look at the cold content…

  • Scan it immediately to identify specific problems. And then come up with resolutions to these issues.
  • Take a gander at any storytelling you’ve done, and figure out what sounds silly, unbelievable, or possible offensive. Figure out why it is that way, and the problem becomes easier to avoid.
  • Review for embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes. These are often overlooked, and they can cost you.
  • Assess the individual parts of your project, but never forget the whole. It’s best to see how things flow together and build to the conversion point.

Other professionals do the same thing in their fields, and the top-selling copywriters are also fierce self-critics. Think of this in terms of web design. When a link takes you to the wrong page, the problem gets fixed.

Copywriting Habit #5: Don’t be Perfect

This is highly important to know: perfection will bore the crap out of your audience.

People enjoy a little passion, and if you make the safe choices, you risk becoming another face in the crowd.

When you feel a project has become too cookie-cutter, it’s time to go back and add a little passion to make your copy stand out.

To work with content marketers who’ve formed good habits, check out our copywriting services.

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