5 Simple Strategies to Create Blogs That Convert


Blogs that convert…you need them to gain traction with prospects and sell products and services through education.

But there’s a major difference in blogs that convert and those that simply take up space. We’ve developed 5 methods to ensure your blog articles make an impact with your audience.

Before we launch into those specific strategies to create high-converting blogs, we need to explain why keeping a business blog is so important.

Regularly posting blog articles provides your audience with fresh and relevant content that shows them how to improve their life in some form or another.

You’re reading this blog right now because you want to learn how to create a blog that gains a wider following, generates leads, and ultimately grows your business.

When you post a top-quality blog that attracts and compels readers, you will…

  • Establish credibility and authority…
  • Discover what your ideal prospect wants to know…
  • Establish your impenetrable authority as an expert…
  • Raise your online visibility…
  • Gain a following of people who tell their friends and colleagues about your products and services…
  • Reveal how you provide benefits, solve problems, and empathize with your audience…
  • Generate traffic that converts—whether that’s signing up for a lead magnet, registering for a webinar, or opting in to receive your newsletter…

The caveat…

You have to write blogs that convert. Luckily, for you, dear reader, we have 5 bulletproof strategies to do exactly that.

1. Don’t hide your call to action.

Ask yourself what you want to get from publishing your blog. Yes, you want to deliver helpful and impactful information, but what do you want your readers to do?

If you want your audience to…

  • Register for your next webinar.
  • Check out a product or service.
  • Learn more about real, game-changing solutions.
  • Share the blog on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.
  • Sign up for an email marketing or nurture sequence.
  • Read a sales page.

…then you can’t hide your call to action.

If you’re tucking your calls to action into places where your readers have to search for them, you won’t see many conversions.

While it’s important to provide information, you also shouldn’t shy away from asking the audience to take action.

In the example below, you’ll see a call to action that is bold, provocative, and unhidden.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 9.58.41 AM

Source: Digital Marketer

2. Provide actionable advice.

There’s a difference between thoughts/ideas and actionable advice. Thoughts and ideas explain a concept, while actionable advice shows people how to do something.

A low-converting blog might express the thought that Cuban sandwiches are delicious, which won’t get much traction. Or someone with a high-converting blog would show his or her audience how to make a Cuban sandwich.

Take a look at this example below, and you’ll see how one blogger created a piece wherein the audience walks away with something.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 10.00.55 AM

Source: Unbounce

3. Use examples.

You can explain a concept and outline techniques all day, but until you implement an example, your audience may shrug their shoulders.

When you flesh out your points with tangible examples, you increase reader engagement. In doing so, you’ll see higher conversions.

Check out this example below from our friends at Copyblogger. See how the author makes his point more clear with prominent examples.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 10.02.34 AM

Source: Copyblogger

4. Tell stories.

If you want to increase your blog conversions, then start captivating your target audience with storytelling.

Here’s some real data about why storytelling is so powerful, especially when it comes to increasing blog conversions.

In this article from ConversionXL, the author uses a ceramic horse head as a prime example. (Yes, that said ceramic horse head.)

As a thrift store trinket, the item pictured below sold for less than 1 dollar. However, when a story behind the ceramic horse bust came to light, the item sold for $62.95…

That’s a 6258.58% increase.

How can you write a story about a horse head (assuming you’re not a screenwriter from the Godfather)? The thrift store vendor simply outlined her father’s disturbing experience with the ceramic statue after a drunken night.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 10.03.45 AM

Source: ConversionXL

5. Leverage statistics.

If blog readers love emotional appeals presented in storytelling, they are equally drawn to the logic behind benefits.

In revealing relevant statistics, you inspire decisive action with the facts. See below to understand how one blogger uses numbers to increase blog conversions.

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 10.04.39 AM

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