5 Copywriting Killers and How to Beat Them

Copywriting is the voice of your business. As the make-or-break factor in your customer attraction and sales, copywriting can feel like an overwhelming task.

And when the copywriting process becomes needlessly difficult, business owners often end up with an ineffective website, landing page, or email nurture sequence.

Dismal results stem from 5 factors that hinder your copywriting. Not to worry, you’re about to identify the factors that curb your copywriting prowess, and what you can do to reverse the scenario.

Copywriting Killer #1: Simultaneous Writing and Revision

Especially when it comes to generating new content, second-guessing and reinvestigation is healthy. But that aspect is a completely different copywriting stage that often blends in with the writing phase.

Simultaneous writing and revision creates a scenario where you’re driving a car while you vacuum the floorboards. It’s dangerous when you mix two opposing modes of thinking, and it also hinders your creativity.

When you immerse yourself in the copywriting process, you generate new ideas and consider different possibilities for your message. But for the sake of your creativity (and success) don’t fall into the editorial trap.

You’ll end up making evaluations, overthinking, and taking apart your ideas as they’re being created. In this way, good copywriting angles never come to fruition.

How to Beat CK1: The writer Stephen King advises to write the first draft with the door open and the second draft with the door closed. In more concrete terms, he means use your emotions on the first go around, let the work sit for a spell, and then come back to it with an analytical lens.

Copywriting Killer #2: Expertise Only Goes So Far

Part of what makes you an expert is the ability to answer hard questions and objections fast and accurately. The cold hard truth is, your most qualified prospects will have some serious questions about your services.

You can be the top thought leader in your industry. You can have the experience and the results right in your pocket. And the more qualified you are, the more questions your prospects will ask.

And when you find yourself unprepared to take on those questions, you will encounter one monster of a copywriting killer.

The solution: answer your prospects questions and overcome their objections in your copy.

How to Beat CK2: Don’t worry about these questions when you write the first draft. Go back to it at a later time, and pick out any place where you make a claim. Back that claim up with customer testimonials or personal and relevant storytelling.

Copywriting Killer #3: The Safe Road

Fear of failure. If you can honestly say that you’re not afraid to fail, go ahead and skip to Copywriting Killer #4.

No one wants to feel embarrassed by a mistake. No one wants to “fail.” But in an effort to bypass failure, small business owners may also curb their success.

So often the fear of failure claims a copywriting project (even when it’s an awesome product or service.)

So here we go, it’s pep talk time. To escalate your success rate, don’t be afraid making a mistake or two. Your mistakes serve as a checklist for what you should avoid. Plus, a great idea erases ten bad ones.

How to Beat CK3: Give yourself time. Give yourself time. Give yourself time. When you have enough days to write, rethink, and revise, you’ll pick out your potential missteps before they take effect.

Copywriting Killer #4: Uncertainty

This copywriting killer is different than the fear of failure. Uncertainty is a real hindrance to your creativity and your results. Because…

Uncertainty and self-doubt come naturally with creativity. When you take a different route in your copywriting, and make yourself stand out in the flood of other marketing, you can never be 100% sure of your results.

But if you offer sustainable solutions for your clients, you have nothing to fear.

How to Beat CK4: Get analytical and project what will happen. Consider your contingencies and address each one in the second rounds of drafting. Whether its data collection, market research, or a personal prediction, your analysis beats copywriting uncertainty.

Copywriting Killer #5: Information Overload

Did you know that cats have 32 muscles in their the outer ears? (Humans only have 6!) And did you know that a cat uses those 32 muscles to turn their ears 180 degrees?

Here’s a better question: do you enjoy feeling overloaded with information all at once?

Neither do your prospects.

While you are an expert in your field, your prospects aren’t necessarily. After all, that’s why they sought your business out in the first place. When you find yourself listing a truckload of information all at once, you’ll find it hinders your copywriting.

How to Beat CK5: There’s an adage about good photography: sometimes what you don’t see is what makes the impact. The same can be said for content. Leave a few things to the readers’ imagination, and they’ll come to you for the answer. (Ahem, that’s when you make sales.)

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