5 Content Marketing Hacks

When it comes to content marketing, business owners and marketing professionals alike face a gauntlet of obstacles. From seeing to clients, to travelling to conferences, content creation often falls by the wayside.

If you’re reluctant toward content marketing, heads-up…

Your power as an entrepreneur is measured not only by what you know, but also in how well you share that knowledge.

In other words, it’s up to you to give your target market information that leverages your authority and expertise. We’ve got a long list of clients, and we can’t think of one who has time to write all of the content they need. In times of overwhelm, it’s a good idea to hire a professional copywriter.

In the interim, we’ve learned a few content marketing hacks that help you balance the creative stuff with the running-your-business stuff.

Whether you’re writing, revising, or repurposing, we’ve got 5 strategies that will keep your head above water.

Give Content the Relevance Litmus Test

It’s best to get the brutal part over with. When content does not apply to your client in any measurable way, throw that idea into the shredder. The keyword here is idea.

When you look at your content drawing board, save yourself valuable time by tossing out lackluster marketing ideas before you create them.

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Create a Copywriting Calendar

Make time for content marketing. It’s much more difficult than it sounds.

To make sure you check content marketing off your to-do list, set aside a certain number of hours for it each week. Create a list of blog topics, short eBooks, and emails that you’ll write. Make these milestones a major priority.

Create Ahead and in Real Time

The previous advice is still good, but it also helps to write in real time. With reactive content, you create relevant information based on what’s happening in your industry.

What’s hot news one week becomes stale the next. When a current event jars your industry, get out there on the front lines with your content.

Make Time for Split Testing

You can write a sales page far in advance, but what happens once you get that sucker posted? You drive traffic, and then…


That’s why split testing is paramount. Set aside enough time to make changes based on what your market wants, and you’ll save yourself much time and hassle.

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Repurpose Your Marketing Content

Marketing content is multifunctional. Blogs can be turned into emails, webinars can be turned into videos, etc.

The point: your audience may want to receive your content in a different way, and you’ll get the most out of your work when you milk it for all it’s worth.

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