4 Ways to Shake Up Your Business Blog

Yes, business blogs should provide valuable content to attract ideal clients, build trust, and showcase authority and expertise.

However, it’s not enough to keep your audience interested—no matter how informative and awesome the info is. With attention spans shrinking by the day, your business blog cannot consistently look the same, or you’ll bore readers. And it’s not enough to add more images or photos (although that does help).

In this post, we’re sharing 4 ways to shake up your blog so you can build a more dedicated audience, attract qualified leads, and create share-worthy content.

Video content caters to the visual learners. According to education experts at Prentice Hall, 65% of people absorb material best when they see it.

[Source: Why the Blank Stare? Strategies for Visual Learners]

Incorporating video into your blog posts allows your audience to see your content, and get more out of it.

This is where YouTube and Vimeo come into play. Whether you’ve created videos or you’ve found video content that backs up your blog content, embed them in the post.

This technique ensures that readers spend more time consuming your content and receive more actionable takeaways and insight. This value earns you more trust, which prompts your audience to opt-in for a free offer, call you, or better yet, become customers.

For example: Here’s a short chat featuring one of our favorite small business bloggers and marketers, Seth Godin. In this video, Seth and friends chat about blogging for small business, which highlights the information we’re giving you right now.

Case studies and blogging, while somewhat similar in appearance and presentation, are two different animals. The conventional wisdom states that a blog delivers thoughts, ideas, and advice, whereas a case study highlights an individual project.

Generally, a case study sets up a problem, highlights the solution, explains the implementation of the solution, and describes the results. See below for how successful case studies set up a problem/solution scenario.

Click here to read the rest of this case study.

Whether it’s an employee, a colleague, or even a client, guest blogging provides more variety for your readers in a number of ways, including…

  • A new writing voice that diversifies your blogging content.
  • An alternative point of view that helps your readers implement solutions.
  • More actionable advice and strategies you may not have known about.
  • A surprise for your subscribers.

We’ve done our fair share of guest blogging. Check out this article from iMedia connection.

Infographics, much like professional blogs, provide relevant content, tell a story, outline strategies, and give value to your audience. Plus, infographics provide another form of media that you can share with your audience.

As professional copywriters—and people who care about your business success—we advocate a simple design partnered with tangible advice that inspires your audience to take decisive action.

Below you’ll find an example that does exactly that.

*Bonus Tip* another great business blogging strategy is to master the art of storytelling.

Download this free guide to find out more: 11 Tips to Uncover Your Brand’s Story.

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