3 Ways To Uncover Your Brand Story

brand storytellingbook cropped 1If you’re sold on using story in your marketing content (I’m betting if you are reading this, you probably are), you might be suffering from story paralysis.

Story paralysis looks something like this:

  • YES! I totally need to add story to my boring content.
  • WAIT! What story should I tell?
  • OH! I have so many of them, how do I choose the right one—one that will resonate with prospects?
  • AH! I have a good one!
  • BUT WAIT! What if it’s not interesting enough? I just read Sue’s latest email, and her story is way better than mine.

It’s a vicious cycle. And it’s not pretty.

There’s nothing worse than doing nothing about a solution you know will help establish your authority and build your business. Right?

In this post, we’re providing you with 3 ways to help you uncover your story with little effort.

 1. Tell a story about something that happened as it relates to your service or product.  

If you teach business owners how to get leads on LinkedIn, start the email or blog post with a story about a LinkedIn message you received from someone who clearly didn’t know how to relationship-build and communicate effectively. Tell the story as it happened, and show how this person could have approached you differently.

Your Task: Keep track of things as they happen to you. Store them on your computer or a notepad. Next time you are working on a video or a blog post, review the list and find a story that fits. Easy breezy, right?

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2. Let your customers tell a story for you. 

 Sure you can weave testimonials into your marketing content, but if you really want to grab attention and keep people reading (and converting), interview one of your customers, and then tell his or her story. Don’t just repeat the facts—provide details, and add dialogue. Or simply share the story of the conversation you had with your customer.

Your Task: This will be easier if you already have contact with your customers or you communicate with them on a regular basis. The easiest way to capture this information is to pick up the phone and call your customers. Ask for feedback, and ask follow-up questions. And don’t forget to ask them if you can share this story. If you don’t feel comfortable calling, talk to them at conferences or events you attend together, or ask for feedback in an email.

3. Share your WHY.

Brand warriors connect to the story behind the product –the WHY–not the product itself. When you get people behind your WHY—the reason you are in business, the reason you approach problems differently, the reason you love what you do—they will keep opening your emails, reading your blogs, and continue to buy from you.

Your Task:  Audit your website copy and see where your WHY is missing. See where you can inject the story behind your service or product.

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