3 Ways Ecomdash Helps Grow Your eCommerce Business


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As professional copywriters, we work with eCommerce businesses to create optimized product descriptions, conversion-boosting blog posts, and marketing emails.

Along the way, we’ve uncovered valuable tools that help eCommerce businesses rise above the competition, become more visible, and increase conversion rates.

In our time working for artisan candlemakers, office furniture designers, organic soap and beauty product makers, and a host of other eCommerce companies, we’ve heard about the issues the industry faces.

From the hassle of inventory control to juggling multiple storefronts, a business owner who sells products online has many roles to fulfill.

Simply put, there isn’t much time for all that jazz.

That’s why we believe so strongly in Ecomdash, an inventory and order management software that is affordable, saves time, and helps you streamline your business.

Before we reveal the 3 ways that Ecomdash will help your eCommerce business grow exponentially, CEO Nick Maglosky sums up the benefits of using the software is summed up best.

“Ecomdash was designed with small businesses in mind. We built a robust multichannel inventory, order and listing management service comparable to enterprise level solutions –  but we offer it at affordable, flexible prices. Our goal is to empower growing businesses and give them the tools they need to scale, compete online, and win sales against the big box retailers.”

As an eCommerce business owner, if you feel you play too many roles—from CEO to accountant—then check out these 3 ways that Ecomdash makes life a whole bunch easier.

Ecomdash automates your web-based inventory, orders, and shipping.

When we work with product-based businesses, we often create automated email nurture sequences that upsell or facilitate the use of a recent purchase.

Unfortunately, email marketing is the only thing our team can automate. (Sorry!)

This is where Ecomdash comes in. The software automates your web-based inventory, orders, and shipping.

This means, instead of working day in and day out to ensure you have enough product in stock, taking care of orders, and getting packages out the door, you can work ON your business not IN it.

Ecomdash allows you to monitor sales across multiple venues—from eBay to Amazon.

Multiple storefronts are a great way to push more product, but managing several accounts is time-consuming and stressful.

Ecomdash allows you to sync all your storefront accounts—whether you use Amazon, Sears, eBay, Shopify, or any other online retailers.

When you have a bird’s eye view of your sales, you can keep track effortlessly.

Ecomdash helps you satisfy your customers.

While the features Ecomdash offers are nothing short of awesome, it’s the big picture that we admire the most.

Simply put, Ecomdash makes stellar customer service much easier.

Whether it’s shipping management that ensures your packages get to their destination on time, or purchase order management that helps you keep an eye on your supply chain, Ecomdash affords you a rare luxury…


And when you have more of that most valuable resource, you’re able to grow your business at an accelerated speed instead of spending all your time handling the small order items on your agenda.

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