3 Overlooked Post Purchase Sequence Emails

Post purchase sequences—as you enter this stage of digital marketing, you may feel as if the hard part is over. Your prospect has become a customer, so now it’s time for happy hour.

Not quite.

After the sale is made, that’s when your customer relationship really begins. Your goal has shifted from overcoming objections, solving core issues, and driving home benefits to decreasing refunds, upselling, and earning word-of-mouth promotion.

And the process of post purchase engagement success starts with 3 emails many companies forget.

Even if your product or service is uncompromisingly awesome, post purchase sequences ensure that new users engage with what they purchased. If new customers aren’t shown how to use a product or how to engage with your software, too often they will give up and move on to the next thing. When that happens, it means your product/service won’t gain the attention it deserves.

To beat this scenario, craft one or a series of marketing emails that don’t sell anything. Instead, send customers messages that show them how to use their new purchase, or info that enhances their experience.

For example, one client came to us prior to the launch of a smartphone application. This app geo-locates wineries across the U.S., allows winemakers to promote their business, enables users to review bottles, and gives suggestions based on preferences.

If that’s not awesome, what is?

But users and winery owners still needed orientation to get the most out of their download. To make this happen, our copywriters wrote emails that showed users exactly what to do.

Imagine you download an application, and you don’t know how to use it. Would you recommend that app to your friends?


With post purchase marketing emails such as the following example, you won’t worry about whether or not people use and enjoy your product or service.

Since you’ve downloaded the app, drinking just got easy.

In fact, over the next days, we’ll send you emails on what you can do to get the most out of your wine trail weekends.

Speaking of wine trails, did you know this app lets you build your own map? You can go from winery to winery, and fill your trunk with booze without getting lost.

Here’s how it works: go here and log in. 

Once you’re there, click on the “add a wine trail button.” Unless you’re hung over from last night’s Pinot bender, you should see the button pretty clearly. 

Ready to build your own wine trail, so you hit all the locations you want one-by-one?

Nothing says “I care about your experience” more than an email that checks on the recipient and shows genuine care.

Customers and clients won’t always come to you with questions, concerns, or feedback. It’s up to you to ensure that they get what they need. When you send this email, and give helpful responses, you’ve set yourself up for the upsell.

[Side note: checking in with customers also presents an opportunity to generate more Facebook conversations, Tweets, and even testimonials to share. Simply ask your audience for their thoughts, and you’ll be surprised at the rate of response.]

Even if you’ve created marketing content that drives home benefits in a powerful way, users may forget all those bells and whistles after purchase.

One way to remind customers of features and benefits is to provide ideas on how to use their purchase. This allows you to educate your customers and share goodwill in the form of information.

[Here’s a bonus to writing feature-driven emails: ask your audience how they use your product and service, and what the results are. This not only presents you with valuable feedback, but also provides content to leverage for social proof.]

Here’s an example from the previous sequence outlined earlier in this article. Notice that the reader will see how to use the product in ways he or she didn’t think of previously.

After you attract some followers, you can talk to them with the app. Here are a few ideas on how to do exactly that:

  1. Send push notifications if users are within 3 miles of your location. A bargain or an event at your location is worth doing a U-Turn, or stopping in after picking up the kiddos from soccer practice.
  1. Invite local users to events. Most people like parties, especially if there’s wine involved. The app enables you to make your events a smash hit.
  1. Shoot your followers surprise offers. Your customers want to try new wines. Give them an opportunity with a discount, limited-time offer, or review.
  1. Share reviews on social media. Nothing like a little free press. Push especially positive reviews to your Facebook page, and watch the comments and traffic pour in. 

Got ideas? Got questions about how to talk with your followers? Shoot us a message.

Another benefit to sending an email such as the one featured above is that it sends users back to the central hub website.

And there’s nothing wrong with more website traffic, especially if they’re return visitors who find additional products and services to buy.

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