3 Easy Ways to Make Your Web Copy Stand Out

bullseyeYou want every possible edge over your competitors, but do you overlook the obvious? Your web copy needs to be stellar and stand out in the sea of similar businesses. Fortunately, getting that edge is easy—here’s how.

Tell a compelling story. Or three.
If you look at your competitors’ copy, you’re going to see a lot of what we call blah-blah. Empty language, empty promises, nothing engaging or exciting. You want those eyeballs to stick on that page like glue, so tell a story that will evoke strong emotions and keep them interested and reading.

Tell the story of the young mother whose three children slept easy because your Super Space Heater kept them warm. Talk about how the newly divorced entrepreneur doubled her income in three months from coaching with you. Case studies are powerful. Use them as creatively as you can, and sprinkle them around your website, perhaps on a sidebar or sliders.

Make your copy client-centric. It’s all about them.
Your competition is talking about themselves, and while it’s tempting, that’s not the way to go. Frankly, no one cares about your new building, your awards, or that you use suppliers from Wisconsin. We all love to read about ourselves, and your clients are no different. Why should they do business with you? Tell them what they get from you and no one else. Lead from their point of view.

Go through your copy and remove anything that doesn’t speak to benefits. Your About page can talk about your company, but it should still be from the perspective of the prospect.

Use action verbs.
What will your product do for your clients? Don’t talk in theoretical terms, but use hard-hitting verbs. How will they feel when they use your services? Spend time talking about what pain or problem you’ll solve for them. Don’t soften your copy with words like perhaps or help. You’re not perhaps helping them—you’re doing something that will solve an issue they have.

Get to the point. If you can improve their company’s bottom line by 25% in six months, or if you can teach them to find 25 new clients in that time, say it!

These three copy tweaks will make your copy sing your prospects’ song. It may take you a few hours to finish, but it will be well worth the time. Let us know how your new copy performs!


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