2015 Digital Marketing Predictions


With everyone sharing his or her marketing predictions for 2015, we would be remiss not to put in our two cents’ worth. You can bet we will be watching the industry trends over the next year, which may be partially due to the team bet we have going.

Without further adieu, our 2015 digital marketing predictions…

It’s all about enhancing user experience.

For 2015, I think we’re going to see user experience become more dynamic. Instead of flat, one-dimensional sites and images, we’re going to see more creativity brought to sites with movement in graphics and the opportunity for users to interact more with the content. The message itself will become even more important so the core communication and call to action isn’t lost in the mix. I could be wrong, but with recent developments such as Google Glasses, dynamic videos, and apps that allow us to interact and learn more about our behavior and ourselves, this is the future I see.

~Michelle, CEO

The year of the customer avatar.


2015 will be the year of the customer avatar—his emotions, her pain points, their story. Marketing efforts will center on content that gives rise to a target market’s very specific emotions. To clarify, marketers now understand the psychology of their audience in a very distinct way. Not only do marketers know

age ranges, gender, and economic status, but they also understand the customers’ journey through life. Smart marketers know what keeps their target market up at night, and they will create content that highlights the audience’s story with emotional insight and transformational solutions. This will be the year of “psychological marketing,” so be ready to see audience-centric content that’s quite literally written for one person.

~John, Head Copywriter

The power of the story.

2015 will be the year of the story. As Maya Angelou noted, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” For marketers there is no bigger challenge than extracting and distilling that story, in an authentic and clear voice, for their clients and their brands. That means dedicating more resources to understanding the underpinnings and driving force of each and every client along with evolving consumer behaviors.

~Victoria, Project Manager

Mobile-ready websites are the future.

sparkly hat

In 2015, the importance and success of responsive designs will prompt website owners to invest more effort in making their sites mobile-ready. This is going to lead to mobile-centric marketing practices—websites will become condensed and focus primarily on new visitors, while mobile versions will adopt a robust, concise, and user-friendly design to capitalize on the increase in mobile web browsing. Users will be encouraged to spend more time on their tablets and smart phones to browse websites, while desktop versions slowly become fodder for search engines and little more than welcome mats that lead to mobile-ready websites.

~Rob, Copywriter

Sūmèr will create even more record-breaking results for our clients.

I predict, in 2015, Sūmèr will create even more record-breaking results for our clients. Also, I believe there will be revolts against Twitter as people break free of the 144-character constraint and Apple refusing to include a hash tag on the new iPhone. In case it wasn’t obvious, I did not have a prediction, and I decided to use this as an opportunity to shamelessly promote Sūmèr.

~Mary, Business Developer

Our piggy banks will feel social media marketing changes.

Social media marketing will become increasingly strict about having to “pay to play” and their guidelines for advertising. With the recent Facebook move to have to pay for company page posts, in order for your audience to see it, I believe the future holds many more guidelines for what posts your audience will be able to see organically. In addition, Facebook ads will need to become more native in nature in order to be approved.

~Rachel, Assistant Content Manager

Happy New Year’s, Everyone!

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